The Ferguson Report Reminds Me Why I Became a Conservative

Activists Protest For Justice After Police Shootings

Congratulations, University of Oklahoma, In Your Outrage You Just Violated the Law

SAE 600

This week several University of Oklahoma frat boys were caught on tape singing a vile, racist song (and, no, it wasn’t “unconscious” racism or “coded” racism — it was straight up segregation-era hate).

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Patheos Book Club: “Vulnerable Faith” by Jamie Arpin-Ricci



by Wendi Matusic

“Vulnerable Faith” by Jamie Arpin-Ricci is a fascinating look at how we cover our personal truths with pretense and in doing so we keep ourselves from full relationships with others, community, creation and God. [Read more...]

Patheos Book Club: “The Lost World of Adam and Eve”

iStock_000021547609_Small By Bob San Pascual Over the course of 210 weighty pages, Old Testament scholar John H. Walton has caused me to reconsider virtually everything I thought I knew about the first few chapters of the Bible. The Lost World of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2-3 and the Human Origins Debate isn’t an easy read. I found myself comparing each of his 21 propositions to what I’ve learned from other Old Testament commentators. (I even reviewed my seminary notes from a Pentateuch class I took!) It made for slow, but thoughtful, reading, but well worth it. I believe that many of his insights are groundbreaking. [Read more...]

Our Military Must Do More to Teach about the True Nature of the Enemy


Pop culture is telling our soldiers they are to blame for death. But our vets should feel no guilt for killing the Taliban or members of al-Qaeda or ISIS.

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