There’s a disturbing habit on the Left of trying to find the position that renders one especially virtuous in their identity politics culture — regardless of its real-world impact — and then sneering from that high ground at all who dissent. Read more

A gun gives you options, and those options could well mean the difference between life and death. Read more

Rachel Dolezal’s views about the racial construct of families is about as open minded as any racist redneck’s. Read more

To the Left, one person is a hero while the other is a hate object. It makes no sense. Read more

On Sunday, I wondered what, if anything, was getting preached on Sunday regarding this story in churches across the country. More importantly, what should be said? Read more

The poll purports to find that “20 percent of young women who attended college during the past four years say they were sexually assaulted.” Here’s why it’s a myth. Read more

If you’re looking for logic in this distinction, you’ve come to the wrong movement. Read more

There is more to the story. Read more

Last week, Mike Huckabee controversially defended the Duggars in the wake of their child molestation scandal. Tonight BuzzFeed revealed that Huckabee’s books were co-authored by an accused child molester. Read more

Franklin Graham has called on other Christians to “stop doing business with those who promote sin and stand against Almighty God’s laws and His standards.” How should YOU respond? Read more

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