Mitt Romney reads “mean tweets” after his anti-Trump speech

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He’s always been such a good sport: [Read more…]

Trump manager reportedly assaults female reporter and lies about it. Then, a transcript emerged.

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Tuesday night, after Trump won Michigan and Mississippi, he gave a press conference.  Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, must’ve gotten angry at Breitbart’s Michelle Fields when she asked the candidate a rather hard question about affirmative action. Reportedly, he grabbed her and yanked her away from the candidate to prevent her from asking a question. [Read more…]

“About Time:” How one charming movie gets time-travel (and love) right

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[ WARNING: This contains minor plot details about the 2013 movie About Time.]

If your younger self had been able to plan out “your perfect life,” what would that look like? [Read more…]

Keanu Reeves Is Just Nasty At The Gun Range


I’m a little impressed with Keanu Reeves gun skills. He is definitely not a man you want to mess with. [Read more…]

Americans surprised at these 3 paragraphs of NY Times’ Nancy Reagan obit

As if you needed more proof that the “war on women” is, contrary to popular belief, being waged by liberals.  Check out these three of the first paragraphs of the New York Times obituary of First Lady Nancy Reagan: [Read more…]