So in just a few hours Comic Con will come to a close for another year. This year was, as far as we were told by local reporters, the biggest crowd ever…over 130,000 people…wow, who knew there were that many geeks around? And think of all the folks who couldn’t get here in person.

The highlight of my day was the cute voice over guy I met at a booth touting a geek dating service. promises to match you up with the soul geek of your dreams, and they swear they have lots of successes. Wow, maybe I’ll sign up!

We hit the Nintendo gaming lounge and grabbed our Pokemon masks and for some reason, there were a lot more available freebies in the main Exhibit hall as well. I guess if you wait until the last day, they all replenish their stock and need to unload it, but there were free bookmarks, buttons, booklets, glow sticks and posters all over the place!

With the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who being celebrated in Hall H and panels and workshops galore, the last day of Comic Con is anything but slow and unimportant. Yeah, some people have to head out of town, but in terms of goodies and things going on, I am thinking my fave day may just be Sunday at the Con from now on!

Tons of amazing costumes, including many little kids decked out and enjoying the attention. My kiddo gave up on wearing his Slenderman costume, it was too hot in the convention center for his morph suit. But he enjoyed himself doing his famous “Max” pose at various focal points.

Yeah, it was a blast, and total geek heaven. Comic Con 2014 is only a year away… And the cool thing is, next year, Max and I may be there representing our own YA novel we wrote together, called “EKHO.” Look for it, and us, at the next Con and remember our names!!!

Marie D. Jones and Max Jones signing out…

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