Just one more day and it’s back to reality for a lot of people. Imagine spending four days or so immersed in the worlds of comics, gaming, movies, TV, sci fi and fantasy and cosplay and…tomorrow morning it’s ringing alarm clocks, long commutes and jackass co-workers.
But for today, there is the Con and it’s final countdown…

We will be haunting the Nintendo gaming lounge and the XBOX lounge at two adjacent hotels…then back to the main exhibit hall to grab some freebies if we can. Some of the big deals today are:

The San Diego International Children’s Film Festival goes all day on Room 9.

Hall H has a HUGE day filled with major panels, starting with SUPERNATURAL, then BREAKING BAD, COMMUNITY, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and SONS OF ANARCHY.

The biggest of the big, though, is the BBC’s DOCTOR WHO 50th ANNIVERSARY PANEL, also in Hall H. Oh brother, I think I’ll fire up the Tardis and see if I can’t get Max and I a place in line in another dimension. This is gonna be insane!

If you missed the Masquerade Ball, there is a replay at 3pm in Room 8 so you can see all the freaks and geeks you missed. Or you can attend a ton of awesome panels like BEN 10 courtesy of CARTOON NETWORK, TEEN TITANS, the WORLD PREMIERE of TOM AND JERRY’S GIANT ADVENTURE, workshops on comics and novel writing, steampunk costumes and the business of doing cartoon voices…so much going on this final day you might not even notice all the people crying in their Starbucks over the thought of having it all end tonight.

Be back later for a final Con wrap-up!


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