No Means NO….Sexual Assault at the Cons…

Hey Everyone,

As a geek, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve not been to a Con. I will, someday, Lord willing.

I keep hearing of a disturbing trend at Cons that involves women either being accosted, touched without giving permission or outright sexually assaulted.

Here’s a clue guys: NO MEANS NO. It doesn’t matter if a woman is drunk, dressed in a sexy outfit or you THINK she is flirting with you.

No Means No.

I hang out a lot with atheists. One of my really good friends, Ashley Paramore, is an atheist and a video blogger…..

And, sadly,  she was assaulted at a Con. Below is her story. Pass it along. Learn from it. Make sure it does NOT happen to you or someone you love. Report it or help someone to report their assault to the authorities.

Warning, this is an intense and honest story.

And guys……NO MEANS NO…..

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