Gospel Failure in Christian Media (This time in Daredevil)

Once again, I’m floored how the major religious media is missing out on the DC Comics Trinity War. Just to make sure, I did a Google search for ANY  religious media covering a comic book event centered around a major theological event, the question of sin.

You know  who I found?  Just us

As thrilled as I am to talk theological issues in comic books,  I don’t want to be the only one. I’m trying hard to get Christians to see the discussions going on in a community (Geeks) not known for their interest in God. I want these discussions to happen all over the Internet, not just here.

But, so far, nothing.

To illustrate the point further, we have the most recent  issue of  Marvel Comic’s  Daredevil: Dark Nights. Even for a super hero that discusses God A LOT, these three panels of Daredevil are bold statements of the Gospel of Christ. In fact, I reread them three times to make sure I understood the point.

Here are the panels…..


Wow, just wow. And, you know who is discussing this? Gospel Coalition? Christianity Today? Anyone?


Why is Christian media failing to pick up  on these discussions? What’s going on? Are they afraid of not being taken seriously if they cover “comic books”? Would they rather discuss the films of Terrence Malick even though only a small percentage of the population actually sees his movies (not that I’m against Terrence or his movies)?

Someone…ANYONE…answer these questions please…

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