Introducing a new Rogue Geek Writer: Melody Evans

Okay, so, Geek Goes Rogue has turned into a boys club lately. Not intentionally, but hey, that’s the way things go sometimes.

So to fix that, we’ve searched high and low for a woman geek/gamer type.

Look no further, friends, we’ve found one. We give you Ms. Melody Evans. Welcome her, all!

Melody Evans is the Chief Marketing Officer of K-9! Video Gaming and a freelance book review blogger for Up All Night Novels. When she’s not hopelessly attempting to improve her lackluster video gaming skills or forgoing sleep in the endless pursuit of literary satisfaction, she can often be found diligently glued to her keyboard, seeking new outlets to express her love of all things geek chic.

Melody currently resides in Mansfield Ohio, where she enjoys working for the local haunted attraction, Hallowicked Haunted Woods with her family. Feel free to look her up on Facebook

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