Book Signing at the Eerie Horror Film Festival October 18-20


As many of you know, my publisher is running an Indie film maker contest inspired by my book, 3 Gates of the Dead.I love this contest because it supports indie artists and gives them “their shot”. For more on the contest, here are the details.

So,along those lines,  I’m doing my first book signing at the Eerie Horror Film Festival, October 18-20 in Erie, Pa at the historical Warner Theater in downtown. I will be making an announcement about the contest on Saturday night before the evening movies, so look for me!

I love this festival, having gone a few years ago. Check out the website for the schedule and lineup. So, I hope I get to see you there, watching great movies, signing books and hanging out afterwards.

It’ll be spooookkkyyyyyyyy


About Jonathan Ryan

Jonathan Ryan is a novelist, writer and co-founder of Sick Pilgrim. His paranormal series can be found in book outlets everywhere from Open Road Media. Jonathan currently lives in the Midwest where he works at a local parish.