The Rise of a Fledgling Gamer


Ten months ago I wrote an article about being a “newb” at video games.  While my other geek credentials are worthy of praise, I neglected this chapter in the geek pantheon.  I have a hundred excuses as to why, but none of them are valid.  I was a young single mother.  I had a career, a family, a failed marriage just to name a few.I am checking my geek-ego at the door and humbling myself to admit that gaming is HARD.  If you’ve been playing video games since the time you discovered your own op … [Read more...]

The Isolation of the Self Righteous in Ivory Towers


I’ve never been one to open up about my journey of faith.  Notwithstanding the two and a half decades (give or take a few tough years) it would take to recount the lifelong  tale, but I’ve always felt that my faith, like so many things in my life was my personal choice – I didn’t feel obligated to kiss and tell about those intimate details of my relationship with God.Navigating the labyrinth of my life and my faith has always been very much like I’m flying on wings fashioned of feathers and w … [Read more...]

Inspiration isn’t from within: My journey as an aspiring writer


Earlier this spring, I was out driving aimlessly in the rain, during one of those rare times that I have the car to myself, gallivanting into the unknown down some winding country road with the music too loud and the windows cracked just enough to let the smell of damp earth transport me to a tranquil place. My thoughts, like my driving that day, had no real destination, only a great big world of what-ifs and endless possibilities. Reminiscing over past friendships and conversations, looking to … [Read more...]

Fangirl Rave: An Homage to The Hollows by Kim Harrison


Warning!  Raving fangirl sentimentality incoming!Ten years.  Has it really been?  A decade ago, I was cruising the aisles of my local brick and mortar bookstore, waiting for something to jump out at me, when a single, lonely copy of a book by an author I had never heard of caught my eye.  Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking was wedged there on the shelf, amidst the plethora of titles by authors I had read many times over, but this was something new, something special.  A quick perusal of the ba … [Read more...]

Geek Goes Rogue Shoots the Messenger


As a freelance book reviewer, I’ve read my fair share of books.  Who am I kidding?  More than my fair share.  And I must confess, I don’t always like what I read.  It happens.I used to force myself to finish any book that I had started, because books are an investment at $7.99 a piece, and like it or not, I had to get my money’s worth.  A funny thing happens though, when you become a book reviewer.  You find yourself in the midst of a mountain of books, most of them free for your reading plea … [Read more...]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

censored cover1

These are words that I had stressed to me often growing up.  I never realized how literally they would come into play in my adult life.  Hi, my name is Melody, and I do in fact, judge books by their covers.My life-long obsession with books began at an early age.  I would walk through the local brick-and-mortar bookstore, waiting for that “EUREKA!” moment when a book cover called to me so that I might pluck it off the shelf, scurry to the sales counter, drop my hard earned allowance and da … [Read more...]

GGR visits Robert Kurtzman’s Institute of Art, Creature Corps and Mad FX Lab

Robert Kurtzman

This week, I was graciously granted an opportunity to visit Creature Corps in Crestline Ohio to speak with Robert Kurtzman, world renowned Director/Producer/Special Effects Creator about the Kurtzman Institute of Art and his amazing new haunt, the Mad FX Lab.  For SFX and horror movie geeks like me, this was an unbelievably exciting moment.  For those of you who may or may not admit to hiding under your bed from the monsters Mr. Kurtzman created over the last three decades, let’s review just a fe … [Read more...]

GGR Gets Wicked with Hallowicked Haunted Woods


“Whatever you fear, it’s here!”  That is NOT just a catchy slogan.  After personally participating in this event for three years, I can assure you that you will face everything you’ve ever been afraid of. It’s all waiting for you amidst the secluded trees and over 5,500 feet of winding path that encompasses Hallowicked Haunted Woods, located at 1148 Cairns Road, in scenic Mansfield, Ohio.Let me say it again, 5,500 feet.  For those geeks who have been paying attention, that is over 1,700 feet … [Read more...]

Narrative of a Newb: What the Heck Are All These Buttons For? (Part 2)

Player Girl

Read Narrative of a Newb Part 1 And I thought I was doing okay, tuning the three of them out, and opting to listen to the game instead. I heard an announcement “UAV INBOUND”, so I did what I assumed was the correct maneuver, pointed my weapon skyward, looking for some flying vehicle that must pose a threat to me, since the game warned me of its approach. Meanwhile, two bodies fell off the living room sofa howling in fits of hysterical laughter, while my husband had suddenly hunched in on him … [Read more...]

Narrative of a Newb: What the Heck Are All These Buttons For? (Part 1)


I’ve always considered myself a tech savvy lady. Not to toot my own horn, but I know my way around HTML and CSS, I can customize my iPhone settings with the greatest of ease, I still remember how to program a VCR (that is, if you’re still in possession of one and need assistance), and my first computer’s operating system was DOS, which I still know how to use. Yet somewhere amongst those lofty, geek-worthy credentials, I missed a step. I neglected to maintain the status quo on video gaming skill … [Read more...]