“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series introduction and other entries. Johnny Cash: “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” The “you” is Satan. Johnny believed. You hear it in every note. [Read more...]

St. Augustine’s Three Types of Vision [Ghosts and the Church]


Before we get down to St. Augustine’s thoughts on ghosts, I need to do some spadework by exploring his understanding of different ways of seeing. He explains this in On Genesis Literally Interpreted (De Genesi ad litteram), his sprawling twelve-part study that is one of his least-read major works. (Don’t confuse it with the minor, earlier [Read More...]

New Techniques Detect Consciousness in Vegetative Patients

Brain networks in two vegetative patients (left and middle), alongside a healthy person (right). Credit: Srivas Chennu

People in a “vegetative state” may have far more brain activity than previously thought, LiveScience reports: …researchers looked at 32 comatose patients and 26 healthy people. Some of the comatose patients were diagnosed as “minimally conscious,” meaning there was some evidence that they may have retained some awareness of their surroundings (for example, the patient [Read More...]

Did King Harold Survive the Battle of Hastings?


The team of surveyors who found the body of Richard III is hoping they’re on a roll. Their next mission is to prove that King Harold II survived the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and lived to a ripe old age in a monastery. The Bayeux Tapestry shows Harold–last king of the Anglo-Saxons–shot in the eye [Read More...]

“3 Shades of Black” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series introduction and other entries. “3 Shades of Black”: Hank Williams III This is darker than most, and Hank 3 seems to kind of enjoy it that way. I’m less struck by the lyrics than I am by the eerie resemblance of his voice his grandfather’s. The song certainly not to every taste, and lacks the moral core [Read More...]

Idaho Ministers May Be Forced to Perform Gay Weddings


I can’t say I’m very surprised by reports that an ordained minister who runs a wedding chapel is being compelled to perform gay “marriages.” We always knew the gay lobby was lying when they claimed people with traditional religious beliefs had nothing to fear from the advance of the gay agenda. A movement built entirely on [Read More...]

The “Thank You God the Synod Is Over” Post


Well, that was fun, and by “fun” I mean “let’s never do that again.” At least not for another year. What a mess. The twitchy year leading up to the Synod on the Family has seen a steady rise in anxiety in the very tiny corner of the Catholic pool represented by social media and [Read More...]

A Newark School Changes Lives With the Rule of St. Benedict


My story on The Rule, a documentary about the remarkable St. Benedict’s Prep, is up at the Register: From its founding in 1868, St. Benedict’s Prep was the place where generations of Catholics, many of them immigrants, sent their boys to be educated. It was a “white working man’s prep school in a white working-class [Read More...]