The Most Rebellious Thing a Christian Can Do

Jesus taught us how to #resist. Jesus was a revolutionary who stood against the status quo of the Church and politics. Read more

I Found God in a Gay Bar

There were barstools instead of pews, and bartenders standing in for ushers. Nonetheless, I recognized the feeling permeating the club… Read more

No, Jesus is Not Headed to the White House. Here’s Why.

Is there any mature Christian with a balanced worldview out there who honestly believes Jesus just moved back into the White House? Read more

How My Nephew’s Death Taught Me Kindness

My nephew only lived 16 days, but his life changed me forever. This story is about how I choose to honor his life with kindness. Read more

Don’t Miss These 6 Powerful Quotes on Grace

Grace is that thing that comforts our souls, wraps us up in goodness, and covers us like Grandma’s quilt. Don’t miss these 6 messy grace-approved quotes from some of my favorite folks! Read more

Why I Believe Kindness is the Antidote for a Cruel World

What good is kindness without action? Join the 30-Day Kindness Challenge and change the world, one person at a time! Read more

3 Reasons Why Clergy Care Matters

As a formerly suicidal pastor, I’ve learned a lot about recovery and self-care. Join me on ExPastors for 3 reasons why clergy-care matters. Read more

Why I am Resolving to be a Grace Extremist

If the gospel isn’t the good news for everybody, then it isn’t good news for anybody. -Rob Bell Join the 30-Day Kindness Challenge today! Read more

How One Southern Girl Found the Limit of Her Dad’s Love

Brandi Burgess, daughter of conservative Christian radio host, Rick Burgess, is gay. And her father’s response is heart-breaking. Read more

Join My 30-Day Kindness Challenge

What could happen if you became intentional about being kind to one person, every single day, for 30 days? Join the 30-Day Kindness Challenge! Read more

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