Every Storm & Every Furnace: God is There

There is no storm that isn’t subject to His whisper and there is no furnace where He will ever fail to join His children. I am learning that the miracle of God may not always come in the way I was taught as a child, with a laying on of hands and oil and shouts; the miracle of God, more often than not, may be that He is absolutely willing to walk with me through every Valley. [Read more…]

Benefits of the Psych Ward and the Church

As the nurse wheeled me down the long and lonely corridor and through the locked doors of that ward, I felt hopeless and humiliated. But after coming to the end of myself, I see how the church and the psych ward have several similarities and benefits. [Read more…]

A Book for Anyone Affected by Suicide, Addiction, or Abuse

I’m honored to have my book reviewed on Good Men Project this week! Juana Garcia wrote a very honest, thoughtful review of my book. Check it out! [Read more…]

Why Psychiatric Hospitals Aren’t Entertaining

Knott’s Berry Farm in California has launched a psychiatric hospital-themed Halloween attraction at their theme park. Earlier this week, I was interviewed for an article by The Mighty and I will expand my response here. Keep reading to see why I think this is ignorant, hurtful, and just plain stupid.
#NoToKnottsBerry [Read more…]

Why I Want Faith Like Water

My faith matters to me. I read the Bible. I attend church. I pray when something is weighing heavily on me. But while I used to find my identity only in the label of “Christian” or in the name recognition of my local church, I’ve realized people care much more about whether I am kind than whether I have faith. [Read more…]

7 Ways a Healthy Faith Creates a Healthy Mind

Mental health and faith can feel like two separate worlds. For many people, they look at life as either spiritual or physical/mental. Mixing the two is like trying to mix steak and Kraft Dinner. They just don’t seem to fit. But this is not healthy, because a healthy mind is a healthy soul. Check out this post for 7 ways faith can help you with the weight of living. [Read more…]

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How to Help Me Prevent Suicide for Less than $3

I am Steve Austin, author of the Amazon best-seller, From Pastor to a Psych Ward. My book covers my recovery from abuse, addiction, and a suicide attempt. It also discusses the damaging effects of bad theology.

I’d like to get my book into the hands of anyone who has been affected by the suicide or suicide attempt of someone they care about. I would like to send them an autographed copy of my book, plus a personal note of encouragement. Will you help me? [Read more…]

Reflecting on Four Years I Never Expected to Have

Four years ago today, I woke up in a fog like I’ve never experienced before. Everything seemed so bright and I was desperate for something to drink. My throat was raw and I couldn’t feel my legs. It had been nearly a full day since I tried to kill myself and as I slowly started piecing things together, I was flooded with humiliation, dread, and anger. [Read more…]

Why I Believe Messy Grace Changes Everything

Four years ago, I would have never believed I would be a pastor again, or even do me the courtesy of reading my blog again. And I definitely would have never even considered publishing e-books, creating online courses, hosting a mastermind group, and having my blog hosted on the largest religion and spirituality website in the world.

But it is all happening, friends. [Read more…]

What Does it Take to be a Creative Success?

My friend Tanner Gers is a blind paralympian, an entrepreneur, and an extreme motivator. He’s incredibly creative and one super successful dude. His podcast, “The Creative Success Show” is #1 on iTunes for a reason. I sat down with Tanner recently for a two-part interview on suicide prevention. [Read more…]