A few thoughts on avoiding extremes

Just because something isn’t what you expected doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

Just becomes something can’t do everything doesn’t mean it can’t do some things well.

For something to be revealed, other things must be concealed. Therefore, the key question behind every “A-ha moment” should be, “What am I missing?”

Don’t just accept an idea because it comes from someone you respect–or reject it because it comes from someone you don’t.

Chronological snobbery is a two-way street.

Our enemies often have more to teach us than our friends.

Just because something was the right solution then doesn’t mean it’s the right solution now.

Perceived liabilities may turn out to be unexpected benefits. Case in point: Charles Darwin would likely never have come up with his theory of evolution by natural selection had he not been prone to seasickness and forced to spend much of his voyage on land.

Become an advocate–not an activist.

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