Re-Mosquing Like a Boss

This is Day 6 of Hindtrospectives’ #MyMosqueMyStory series for Ramadan 2015 By Amanda Quraishi A couple weeks ago I attended a pre-Ramadan Open House at the mosque closest to my house. It’s an annual event, and my family has attended for the past few years along with dozens of other Muslims from our city to [Read More...]

Let There Be Light!

This is Day 5 of Hindtrospectives’ #MyMosqueMyStory series for Ramadan 2015 By Hanna Miri There is a masjid I know very well. It’s my local masjid. And while I would not consider myself a regular masjid-goer, (I prefer praying alone at home) there are times I need community and connection. When I do manage to [Read More...]

Finding Light

This is Day 4 of Hindtrospectives’ #MyMosqueMyStory series for Ramadan 2015 By Samar Kaukab The lights are dimmed on the chandelier. The air is hushed and quiet. Though my hometown mosque is crowded, there is an airiness that surrounds. Be quiet enough and you can almost hear an otherworldly presence joining in worship and praise [Read More...]

Form and Function: An Architect Talks Taraweeh

This is Day 3 of Hindtrospectives’ #MyMosqueMyStory series for Ramadan 2015 By Saaema Alavi As Salaam’Alaykum [peace be upon you] & Ramaḍhān Kareem, Last year I began taking my father to tarāwēeḥ prayers hosted by MECCA Masjid. During the weekday nights tarāwēeḥ took place at Ashton Place Banquet facility located in Willowbrook, IL. The same [Read More...]

The Impossibility of Tarawih

This is Day Two of Hindtrospectives’ #MyMosqueMyStory series for Ramadan 2015 By Laura P As an unmarried convert, Ramadan has always been a solitary experience for me. I eat suhur alone, and have only been to a few iftars in my 16 years of being a Muslim. Compounding my isolation, I’ve been unmosqued most of [Read More...]

Decolonizing The Mosque

For about two years now, I have been negotiating the fact that I am a convert to Islam born and raised in Mexico and with an Indigenous background. To add to that, I am an immigrant to Turtle Island (better known as Canada), and I feel eternally ashamed of having sworn loyalty to the Queen [Read More...]

My Mosque, My Story – A Ramadan Reflection

Humid Midwest days and warm starry nights. Fireworks, late night ice cream, water balloon fights at community iftar picnics. The promise of spending the second day of Eid at Six Flags with our friends. Chasing firebugs at twilight. My earliest Ramadan memories are pure summer. Since  school is out, my sister and I tag along [Read More...]

10 Ways to Welcome Women Converts in Ramadan

Ramadan is almost upon us, but some of my friends are a little ambivalent. They are excited about the spiritual benefits of this blessed month, but as convert women, have often felt isolation in Ramadan. This apprehension has been expressed by women from all backgrounds: those who are new to the faith to those who [Read More...]

Top Muslim Women Twitterati

The women of Muslim Twitter are a dynamic and inspiring  group and no list of Muslim Twitterati would be complete without their full representation. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most insightful Twitter accounts of Anglophone Muslim Twitter from Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The Twitter [Read More...]

Chapel Hill, CVE, and Millennial Muslims

The media may have already lost interest, now breathlessly reporting the latest information about “Jihadi John’s” real identity, but many communities across the United States and around the world are still mourning the loss of three innocent souls, shot in their home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The murders of Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and [Read More...]