I get it. You don’t hate LGBTQ people. You’d like to affirm them, but you just don’t know whether God approves. That’s exactly where I was for a long time. Read more

Which side of history will we land on? How will our actions appear in retrospect? Will we affirm our LGBTQ neighbors now, or will we continue causing harm? Read more

Salvation—theosis—is the process of being transformed by God’s love into his image. We can’t “lose” that salvation. But we can resist it. Read more

The God revealed in Jesus is one of kenosis, which means that he cannot violate consent or free will. To do so would be to violate his own nature. Read more

God does not demand payment for sins, for he truly does forgive us. And he will do everything possible to reconcile all of us to himself. Read more

Jesus accomplished our salvation by uniting his divine nature with our human nature, and he put an end to death by experiencing it himself. Read more

“Depravity” is not only a pessimistic view of the state of humanity, but also a disastrous view of the character of God. We are his children! Read more

Jesus is the Word of God. Any picture of God that runs counter to the revelation of God in Jesus must bow to his authority. Read more

I’ve had multiple Arminians explain that they don’t approve of the DAISY acronym. Here are a few alternatives, plus some more acronyms for other systems. Read more

It’s time for a new acronym—a counter-narrative to the Calvinistic gospel of TULIP, as well as to the Arminian DAISY and the Molinist ROSES. Read more

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