Struggling With Apocatastasis


  Here's an excellent post from the excellent Leah Libresco, my Patheos co-blogger who is much smarter than me, on the tension inherent in the idea of Universal Salvation (everyone goes to Heaven), or Apocatastasis, and the idea of human freedom. You can't have Universal Salvation and human freedom, a typical argument goes, and God wants us to be free; if God just puts everyone in Heaven by fiat, the freedom of those who would rebel is negated.Leah tries to square that circle by inviting us … [Read more...]

Against Platitudes


In my last post on education, I took exception to the platitudinous character of so much of official Church discourse, in particular on education. I got some pushback on this, from Sam in his latest post and on Twitter.Because Sam and I now largely understand each other on education, I want to jump off on this and take a stand on something that I think is important.In my post, I described platitudes as reliable, obvious predictions of the future, as opposed to the reliable, non-obvious … [Read more...]

Mmmm, Bacon


I think my dialogue with Sam is beginning to reach the point of diminishing returns, so here I will just assert some things, correct others, and so forth. There is nothing systematic here.That being said...What Is The Scientific Method? Sam asks for clarification about the scientific method. It is true that most academic establishments dedicated to the "science" of education do not do science at all. Given that this is the circles I understand Sam to have been moving in, I certainly … [Read more...]

A Discourse Of The (Educational) Method


  So, I owe Sam a response, after being sidetracked into other things. His latest post gets at our disagreement in an interesting way. I think it is as subtle as it is crucial. I think I'm a bit to blame for being fast and loose with the terminology.All right, first, yeah, Sam takes me to task for strawmanning him by taking him to imply that Montessori can be a bit of a cult. Fair enough. I took that opportunity as a jump-off point for making the point I wanted to make, which is that … [Read more...]

Peter Thiel And The Cathedral


There's been a panel discussion between Peter Thiel, N.T. Wright and Ross Douthat, as I relate in my other haunt at Forbes, organized by the Veritas Forum, a Christian organization.Readers here will probably be familiar with Wright, orthodox Christian theologian and one of the greatest Biblical scholars alive, and with Douthat, the conservative Catholic Times columnist. They might not be so familiar with Thiel. Thiel is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley … [Read more...]