A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization (Session 4 Training Video)

Here is SESSION FOUR of 4 training videos I’ve released over the summer.

This final session demonstrates how to apply our model of contextualization within specific ministry settings. This brief overview illustrates two kinds of contextualization––exegetical contextualization and cultural contextualization. In addition, practical implications for ministry strategy that stem from the discussion of the prior sessions will be drawn out.

Below, I have links to the video, audio as well as the study guide.



Study Guide for Session 4

Download Audio file

Go to the training videos page for other sessions (with video, audio, and study guides), including:

Session 1: Reinterpreting Contextualization

Session 2: How does the Bible Contextualize the Gospel?

Session 3: How does the Bible Explain the Gospel?

Session 4: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization



The audio comes from the 2016 theology conference hosted by Singapore Bible College. I have overlapped the audio with visuals to assist groups who might want to use the material for training purposes.

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