Hell: A Vision in Blue, White and Red

Samuel Schneider / Unsplash


Behold, I sat in a large room. There was no light. There were only smiles. They seemed to get closer and closer. I couldn’t move. I could only pray. I came seeking justice. I came. Was I here by choice? Or a slave to the colors? The woman seemed so kind. Every wrinkle on her face was a window to the past. She touched my arm to draw me deeper. Though all seemed right, something sat disturbed within me. Closer. Closer. Closer. Then it was time. The announcement pulled us out of our seats. I resisted. The woman tried to lift me. I pulled away. The seat became my sanctuary.


Behold, I saw everyone place their hands over their hearts and extended their middle fingers. Words of evil rejection of God spewed forth. It was all around me. Every word shook me to my core.


I pledge allegiance…


“Fuck God.”


to the flag…


“Fuck God.”


of the United States of America…


“Fuck God.”


and to the republic for which it stands…


“Fuck God.”


one nation under God…


“Double Fuck God.”


with liberty and justice for all.


“Fuck God.”


Every word another way of repeating the same statement…


“Fuck God.”


Behold, I saw the repetition of words that were not true. Evil was in their midst. Everyone stared at the blue, white and red. No one looked to God. As the woman sat down, I was able to see who she was. Under her breath she hissed, “Traitor!”


Behold, there was fire coming from the cloth. No one seemed to notice. Everyone just seemed to wrap themselves in the colors. Blue was the drowning lunacy. White was the blankness of intellect. Red was the burning of consciences. The scene played out like it was supposed to. The colors were not created for truth. Such a word cannot coexist with the colors.


Behold, there was war. God fought against this space. Then, I realized where I was…Hell…or the City Council Meeting.



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