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The Middle East in the Hands of Egypt

From NYTimes: “After so many years of political stagnation, we were left with choices between the bad and the worse,” said Fadel Shallak, a Lebanese writer and a former government minister. “Now there’s something happening in the Arab world. A collective voice is being heard again.” The unrest is indeed grassroots but it is not [Read More…]

The Grace of God

Andy Stanley’s book is unlike any other book I’ve seen of his. This is a biblical theology of grace — a splendid march from creation — a gracious God who creates — to the missionary task of the church. This is not a book about leadership or the Christian life or about preaching … it’s [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

It’s been a dreary week in Chicago, my home town: Kris and I want to thank you the many readers of these Weekly Meanderings. Many tell us they drink their Saturday morning cup of coffee over these links … and if you have some links for us during the week, send them our way. We [Read More…]

An Egyptian Woman’s Response to Violence

[Read more…]

“… and the gates of hell …”

I hope you had time to read Jennifer Powell McNutt’s exceptional piece in CT about the enduring church. This clip sets the stage. With magazines like Newsweek announcing “The End of Christian America,” it is easy to give in to fear and the perception of decline. Not only can worries like that become self-fulfilling, more often than [Read More…]

Is God ever Surprised? 2

John Goldingay, in his new book, Key Questions about Christian Faith: Old Testament Answers, has a chp on a question many “fresh” readers of the Bible ask: Does God have surprises? Or does God know everything so that nothing surprises him? Which brings us to part two in this series — God’s knowledge of the [Read More…]

Health Care in Sweden

This post is from Jodi Fondell, former chaplain at NPU and now co-pastor with her husband, Doug, who is one fine golfer (and so is Jodi). [A big question: Did Doug have to eat lutefisk in the hospital stay?] I know that many people in the US are scared out of their wits that the [Read More…]

This is a new one to Kris and me…

… we read this in disbelief. We have a son who has been involved in very high level of sports, but never seen anything like this. Anyone have any clues? Thirteen University of Iowa  football players were hospitalized after a strenuous workout this week. They were found to have  rhabdomyolosis, several days after taking [Read More…]

Rochester College Lectures (press release)

This is the press release from Rochester College about the lectures I will be giving with Miroslav Volf. Streaming: Biblical Conversations from the Missional Frontier (May 16-18) Over the last two decades, Rochester College (in Metro Detroit) has hosted compelling conferences bringing together the best of the evangelical and mainline worlds for a conference on [Read More…]

Creation and Worldview 2 (RJS)

I put up a post Tuesday on Richard F. Carlson and Tremper Longman III’s new book Science, Creation and the Bible: Reconciling Rival Theories of Origins. (A short review of the book by Christopher Benson can also be found in the web only edition of Books and Culture.)  The last two chapters of this book [Read More…]