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Teenagers, Now Understood

Alison Gopnik: “What was he thinking?” It’s the familiar cry of bewildered parents trying to understand why their teenagers act the way they do. How does the boy who can thoughtfully explain the reasons never to drink and drive end up in a drunken crash? Why does the girl who knows all about birth control [Read More…]

When Was Genesis Written … And Why? (RJS)

The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins by Peter Enns is not yet another science and faith book, after all Enns is not a scientist. His greatest scientific achievement so he says in his Huffington Post column: The best explanation for it [human origins], geneticists tell us, is [Read More…]

You are Witnesses

When early in the book of Acts Jesus tells his disciples that they are to be witnesses, the entire Gospel of Luke and the mission of Jesus come crashing down on that one word: witness. To witness to Jesus is the mission of the church. Remember this theme: If Jesus has a prophetic mission, and [Read More…]

What Matters Most in the Classroom

From Suzy Khimm: Two Harvard researchers looked at the factors that actually improve student achievement and those that don’t. In a new paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, Will Dobbie and Roland Freyer analyzed 35 charter schools, which generally have greater flexibility in terms of school structure and strategy. They found that traditionally emphasized [Read More…]

Learning from Children

By Eric Hulse is a Holistic Health Coach. His practice focuses on teaching parents how to regain control of their health in order to improve the health of their families. Visit his website or follow him on Facebook for tips on how to increase your energy, reduce daily stress, and regain your happiness. Below is a list [Read More…]

Turkish Translation

I got this letter this morning: Scot, As a student, I get the chance to read here frequently, but not daily. I respect the tasteful and measured discussions presented. I am curious about scholarly thoughts on this new Bible translation issue presented here: As a servant of the global Kingdom with skin in the [Read More…]

A Stark Contrast with the Conventional

It was Jesus who stood out in his Jewish context, not the Essenes or the Pharisees. They were conventional and followed their logic of holiness well; Jesus went in a different direction. The prophetic calling of Jesus demanded the unconventional. The temptation for the church is to be conventional, when the prophetic calling often demands [Read More…]

Pressing for Decisions

American evangelicalism, and what I mean here is “revivalist” American evangelicalism, is shaped by and oriented toward decisions for Christ. What’s more, revivalist evangelicalism has a soterian gospel designed to precipitate decisions that can be used to measure who is “in” and who is “out.” Which is also to say that revivalist evangelicalism creates a [Read More…]

Conversation and the Local Church

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to have a more missional church. As the crowds prepare to descend on Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI, the city has been preparing to showcase its very best to the watching world. In addition to the football game and a downtown Super Bowl Village filled with all sorts of entertainment, [Read More…]

Roofin’ It!

Love it… gardening on rooftops.   [Read more…]