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Origen on Origins, Adam, and Eve (RJS)

The fourth chapter of Peter Bouteneff’s book Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives looks at the role the creation narrative plays in the existing works of two somewhat controversial early Christian thinkers and writers – Tertullian (around 200; ca. 160 – ca. 225) and Origen (ca.185-254).  Tertullian is sketched briefly, and Origen [Read More…]

To a Concerned Friend: A Pastor’s Response

This post is by our friend and blogger and routine commenter here, Jim Martin. He is responding to yesterday’s post about homeschooling. Jim is the preacher at Crestview Christian Church, and his contact info is at the bottom of his response: It is difficult to see a family self-destruct.  It is especially difficult to watch [Read More…]

To a Concerned Friend: Is homeschooling for all?

This response to our homeschooling letter is from someone well known to the Jesus Creed blog,  a homeschooler, Helen Lee. Helen has impressed us all with her intelligence, Christian maturity, and thoughtfulness when it comes to missional home living. To a Concerned Friend… As I read the letter posted here yesterday from the concerned friend [Read More…]

What would you want to resolve?

Esther Inglis-Arkell has an article about what could be resolved by time travel. Leading to this: what would you want to resolve through time travel? Time travel has long been used, in fiction, as a method of correcting past wrongs or stealing past riches. This usually leads to trouble. But what if all time travelers [Read More…]

Samford and the Dotson-Nelson Lectures

Last week I was honored to give the Dotson-Nelson lectures at Samford University in Birmingham, and I can’t thank Matt Kerlin enough for the time I had at Samford’s beautiful Colonial Georgian architecture. But it got started with breakfast — with our good friend’s son, Owen Wagoner and his buddy Jay, and they took me [Read More…]

Honest Answers to Honest Questions

What is perhaps most remarkable about the Christian faith is how adaptable and resilient it is. Think about this set of factors: the Story of God’s presence in an ancient people (Israelites) took on a different life with the Man from Galilee (Jesus) whose life and death and resurrection became the core of a Roman-Jew [Read More…]

Homeschooling is Not for All: Listen to your friends

From a reader, and we will be having two responses tomorrow from a homeschooler and a pastor: What wisdom do you have for her? for the family? I hope all is well with you.  I hope too your new faculty position is proving to be a blessing and a wonderful and formative ministry towards those [Read More…]