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Weekly Meanderings, 31 May 2014

Fantastic idea by Boz Tchividjian: GRACE recently convened a team of Christian theologians, pastors, counselors, educators, and child protection professionals who have each demonstrated a commitment to protecting children and serving survivors. This historic committee has embraced the task of developing the first substantive seminary curriculum designed to educate and train Christian leaders on effective [Read More…]

What Kind of Ethics in Jesus’ Famous Sermon? (by John Frye)

The Sermon: What Kind of Ethics? Scot McKnight names a few scholars in his Acknowledgements and thanks them “for some pushback on the introduction” to his SGBC on the Sermon on the Mount (xi). This caught my eye and made me want to pay more attention to the introduction. Many of us are so eager [Read More…]

Student Evaluations: One Teacher’s Opinion

I’m thinking you might like to know what I think of student evaluations, not because such a question came to your mind in some random moment but because of the title to this post. What I think has been said better by Joseph Epstein, in A Literary Education (p. 351): Student evaluations, set in place [Read More…]

America’s Most Expensive Cities are….

Source [Read more…]

Humans Created to Serve the gods? (RJS)

The third chapter of J. Richard Middleton’s book The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1 concluded that the Mesopotamian cultural context had the dominant influence on the early chapters of Genesis and on the meaning of the image of God in Genesis 1 and that Genesis 1:26-27 represents an intentional democratization of the [Read More…]

Maya Angelou: A Tribute from Lauren Visser

When I was a young girl, I dreamed of being a writer.  More specifically, I wanted to be a poet. As evidence of this desire, my mother still has a treasure trove of cards with endearingly unpolished poems written in them by an aspiring writer. I entered a Young Author’s Contest in elementary school with [Read More…]

Winter Olympics, 2022: A Problem

Source: The next Olympics to be awarded, a little more than a year from now, will be the 2022 Winter Games. Rather than going to the strongest bid, the games may end up going to the last city standing—a long list of potential hosts have given up on their Olympic dreams because the whole thing [Read More…]

A Young Pastor Ponders the Parachurch (Jonathan Storment)

A few weeks ago, I spoke at an interdenominational event called the Festival of Young Preachers. It was an event for young adults across the region interested in preaching. It was fascinating to see so many different people from different traditions trying to help younger people catch a vision for what this calling is, and [Read More…]

What to Call the So-Called New Calvinists?

My friend, Bob Robinson, has made a good case for seeing the New Calvinists as Neo-Puritans. I don’t think we can know this for sure, but it is indeed possible that on this blog that group was first called the Neo-Reformed, but a commenter said they are not really Reformed since they are mostly Baptists and [Read More…]

Lowering the Self-Esteem Level

Anneli Rufus: Is low self-esteem all that bad? Self-loathing is. But between self-loathing and narcissism is a vast spectrum comprising infinitely various degrees of self-regard. Neither extreme is good. If only we could just reach medium. In 1986, California state assembly member John Vasconcellos proposed the State Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem. This ignited a [Read More…]