Top Ten Posts of the Year

Here are the Top Ten Posts of the 2015 at Jesus Creed

1. Did Jesus Talk about Homosexuality?

2. A New Exodus out of the American Church, by Jeff Cook

3. The Same God, Volf Speaks

4. Deconstructing the Bully God, a look at NT Wright

5. John Piper and Women Preachers

6. Yes, Mark Woods in the UK Understands the USA’s Marriage Problem .

7. A Few Thoughts for My Friends in The Gospel Coalition, by David Moore.

8. “The Subordinate Place of Supreme Honor”: A Response to Douglas Wilson, by Valerie Hobbs and Rachel Miller

9. The So-Called Wrong Side of History .

10. TGC, Women, and Krish Kandiah

"Trump has that affect on people to allow him to get excused for anything."

Romans 13, Pence, Session …
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Time For Seminary: 10 Reasons
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Romans 13, Pence, Session …

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