Top Ten Posts of the Year

Top Ten Posts of the Year January 1, 2016

Here are the Top Ten Posts of the 2015 at Jesus Creed

1. Did Jesus Talk about Homosexuality?

2. A New Exodus out of the American Church, by Jeff Cook

3. The Same God, Volf Speaks

4. Deconstructing the Bully God, a look at NT Wright

5. John Piper and Women Preachers

6. Yes, Mark Woods in the UK Understands the USA’s Marriage Problem .

7. A Few Thoughts for My Friends in The Gospel Coalition, by David Moore.

8. “The Subordinate Place of Supreme Honor”: A Response to Douglas Wilson, by Valerie Hobbs and Rachel Miller

9. The So-Called Wrong Side of History .

10. TGC, Women, and Krish Kandiah

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