Top Ten Posts of the Year on Jesus Creed

Very interesting to look back over the blog this year to see which posts had the most page views, some of which, I’m glad to say, take on some controversial topic and generate discussion, debate, and conversation, which is the drive of this blog.

1. The New Stealth Translation

2. What Wayne Grudem Should Have Said

3. Ruth Tucker Responds to Tim Challies

4. Jeff Cook’s #10 in his Top Ten Arguments against God

5. Is it New? Yes. Is it Orthodox? No.

6. DeYoung’s 9 Marks of Complementarianism with my counter: 9 Marks of the Truly Complementarian

7. In the beginning the gospel: Al Mohler vs. Andy Stanley

8. Who is Paul Washer? by John Frye

9. Jesus on Adam and Eve by RJS

10. Evangelical Leaders Supporting Trump: Say Something!

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