Jesus: The sweetest name

Jesus: The sweetest name
Christ in Hagia Sophia, Wikimedia Commons.

    Jesus, the door
    Jesus, the road
    Jesus, the guide
    Jesus, the goal
    Jesus, the beginning
    Jesus, the end

    Jesus, maker of all worlds
    Jesus, babe in Mary’s womb
    Jesus, physician of my soul
    Jesus, healer of my body

    Jesus, the word of God
    Jesus, the wisdom of God
    Jesus, the face of God
    Jesus, the son of God
    Jesus, the son of man

    Jesus, waves beneath his feet
    Jesus, winds at his command
    Jesus, angels arrayed in fear
    Jesus, children running near

    Jesus, the savior
    Jesus, the vine
    Jesus, the wine
    Jesus, the bread of life
    Jesus, his body broken for me

    Jesus, rest for the weary in spirit
    Jesus, relief for the heavy-laden
    Jesus, respite for the bone-tired
    Jesus, refuge and high tower

    Jesus, the lion of Judah
    Jesus, the lamb of God
    Jesus, the suffering servant
    Jesus, my king
    Jesus, my God

    Jesus, shepherd to the flock
    Jesus, brother in the flesh

    Jesus, friend on the cross
    Jesus, victor over death
    Jesus, hope of glory
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  • Amen! What a way to start this day. I trembled saying it out loud. Thank you Joel as always for your encouragement.

    • Thanks, Dave. I started doing it in my prayer time and thought I would share. There’s something awesome, humbling, centering, and very worshipful in stacking up the things we love about (and reasons we cannot live without) Jesus.

  • Amen and amen!

  • You moved me to tears!


  • It is interesting that you used the word “mediation” instead of “meditation.” [A brief mediation on the name of Jesus]. If it is a typo, leave it. It works much better, and says something better. Poets are brokers, negotiators, mediators between image and some higher awareness. Very cool. I love this.

    • Hilarious. It was a typo. I threw up that line at the last minute and didn’t really check it closely enough. For the sake of clarity, I’ve changed it. For the sake of intrigue, I’ll leave it to the reader to decide if I made the right choice on that.

  • Aw, just what I needed as I lay my head down. Thank you! I love it!

  • Beautiful post, Joel. Thank you.

    You’ve probably seen this, but if not—and for your readers who may not have— here’s a link to a fabulous series on The Names of Jesus. Fr. Thomas Hopko discusses 55 different names for Jesus. It’s fascinating!