Marriage problems? Pat Robertson blames ‘hard-nosed,’ ‘awful-looking’ wives

Oh, yes he did. After a 17-year-old boy wrote and said his dad was more interested in video games than mom, Robertson speculated about why. “It may be your mom isn’t as sweet as you think she is,” he said. “She may be kind of hard-nosed. . . .”

When Robertson’s long-suffering cohost asked how he could blame the mother, he responded, “It’s easy to blame the mother” and continued:

You know, a woman came to a preacher that I know — he’s so funny — and she was awful looking. I mean, her hair was all torn up and she was overweight and looked terrible, clothes bad and everything. And she said, “Oh, Reverend, what can I do? My husband has started to drink.” And the preacher looked at her and said, “Madam, if I was married to you I’d start to drink too.”

Who needs Comedy Central?

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  • Michael Hyatt

    “Lord, deliver us from your followers.” Ugh.

    • Joel J. Miller

      I know. Not helping the cause, Mr. Robertson.

    • Kelly

      Amen to that, Michael.

  • debby

    Do NOT call Mr. Robertson a “follower” of Jesus.
    He said, “You will know a tree by its Fruit.”
    Why do you bother to post about him anyway? Doesn’t he get enough “air” time? I rather hear your opinion about guns, or GMOs vs Organic and being a Temple of the Holy Spirit, or the latest movie, or another great book review…….please, please, PRETTY PLEASE, get off the PR topic. Too many good moments wasted on that guy.

    • Joel J. Miller

      Well, Debby, I did a pretty serious and (I thought) important piece on church vandalism in Israel. Particularly, it looked at Jewish extremists destroying Arab property in revenge for problems with Jewish settlements. The irony is that the recent attack on the church of Kafar Bir’em focused on Christian people who themselves have been without their homes since 1948. You can read all about it here. Very few others seem to have so far. They’d rather read about Pat Robertson.

      • debby

        g’morning, joel.
        i DID try to link that article yesterday but it wouldn’t “connect”, so i will try again today.
        and btw, i am convinced i talk entirely TOO much, that few really need to hear(read) my thoughts,
        and “where a multitude of words is, there is sin.” that being the Holy Scripture, i am trying to “curb” my desire to post comments. but i have read almost every post since your article a couple months ago at……have a good day. i am impressed with your thoughtful and thought provoking work.

  • Anita Mayer

    This man has lost all credibility with me….He o’k’d divorce for those whose partners have Alz;heimers..he simply does not represent true Christianity at all…what a shame, a loud voice that could be used for good and loook at what he has turned out to be…..

  • Steve Odom

    Pat, Please retire. Please.

  • Steve Odom

    I’m thinking maybe he’s drunk, too.

  • Rexdaddy

    It is not God’s ideal plan for multiple wives but He allowed it in King David’s rule and told him I would have given you more if you asked. But He hates divorce and adultery. How to avoid adultery and divorce if you live in America with a one wife rule? And if your Christian and divorce, adultery, and self pleasure are out? And you have a 400lb wife who chose you over food? Or one who discounts regular intimacy and suggests once a month is plenty? What does a man do in these cases just forget his sexual needs? Currently he has no solution in America. In other countries and up until about 100 yrs ago it was not against the law to have a second wife but you must keep and care for them. Marry wife number two for romance and intamacy if wife one could care less. God ok’d it but warned kings to be careful. The context was David stole his neighbors wife and God said that was not necessary as He would supply more. Throughout history and continuing to this day multiple wives was allowed.

    • HZ

      I definitely don’t know all the answers but I have read and studied the bible a lot and it seems to me that modern people easily justify eating things God did not create like food with artifical colors and flavorings (and I don’t think it’s wrong) but when it comes to relations between people we don’t have a right to invent anything we like? That seems inconsistent with scripture to me since God gives people the right to establish governments, vote and enact laws as they see fit. It seems to me that the real question is whether in your heart you truly believe and love God or not. It’s not whether you can be “perfect” or live like people lived thousands of years ago at all. But I don’t claim to be a preacher. Just my view.

  • Janet

    What happened to JUDGE NOT LET YOU BE JUDGED? First, Robertson approves divorce in the event of Alzheimers, now he endorses divorce (practically) for being married to an “ugly woman”! What about women who are married to ugly men…is that okay too, or does his hypocracy only apply when it involves women? This guy has a screw loose (or several) and CBN needs to get him off the air and into retirement-FAST! There are specific reasons why divorce is allowed in the Bible, and as I recall, being married to someone who is overweight, has bad hair, dresses unkempt, etc. ad naseum, is NOT one of the Biblical reasons for Divorce…..Maybe Pat Robertson better go BACK and review what the Bible says before he thinks about making such outlandish remarks, and making such a terrible comment to a 17 year old boy who is obviously concerned about hsi parents relationship… SHAME ON PAT ROBERTSON!