Tech highlights revival of the faith in Russia

I found this video very moving. It captures scenes from an exhibition on Orthodoxy in Moscow. It’s touching to see the deep reverence shown by the faithful. And it’s horrifying to view the footage of the Communists and their destruction of churches and icons.

Even for for those of us in the West who’ve never witnessed anything like this, nor have any cultural memory of such barbarism, it’s a soul-wrenching thing to behold. Watch it twice.

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  • Incredible. I was blown away by the mix of ancient Orthodoxy and modern technology. The destruction of the churches was, as you warned, gut-wrenching.

    • Joel J. Miller

      There is more footage online of the destruction of churches. I think I might gather those up and present them here.

    • I wish it were possible to see this exhibit. I would love to see the whole thing. It’s stunning.

  • I’m a mess. This is so beautiful and so agonizing and so beautiful. Thank you.

  • Jack

    Soul-wrenching, indeed. I wept.

  • Margie

    Thank you!

  • I never thought the second movt. of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony is that mournful and gut wrenching, among other music played here. Thank you! I’m speechless.

  • Jerry

    It makes me wonder what would remain of American Christianity after 70 years of tyranny??