Felicity’s rules for living

Several months ago as we were preparing to move into our new house, I discovered in my daughter’s room her rules for living. The exact details on their composition are a mystery, but they seem to have been part of some sort of educational program for her little brothers. They’re not bad. I daresay that, if widely implemented, they would make the world a more enjoyable place.

Here are Felicity’s Rules:


Rule #1 No fighting
Rule #2 Be creative
Rule #3 Be funny
Rule #4 Have fun
Rule #5 Treat others as you would want to be treated
Rule #6 Do brainstorming

Remember These Rules!!!

I won’t forget them.

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  • http://gailbhyatt.wordpress.com/ Gail Hyatt

    YES! Love that girl. She’s going places.

    You should caligraphy it and hang it in the house. :-)

    • Joel J. Miller

      Great idea!