On Friday, Cathy and I went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. Here’s the short review: if you can afford the time and money, it’s a chance to see some fascinating artifacts that are 3500 years old. But if you saw “The Quest for Immortality” in 2003 or Hatshepsut in 2006-7 (both at the Kimball in Fort Worth), you may be disappointed with Tut.Details are here on the DMA website. If you’re going, pay… Read more

Last night was our CUUPS Ostara Circle, a beautiful ritual led by Bonnie and based off a previous Ostara ritual composed by Dolores. We had 35 in the circle plus another 7 in childcare, which is a good turnout for us. My week of preparation was helpful in a general sense, but I can’t say it made a huge difference in the way I experienced the ritual. Still, I think it was a good start, and I will definitely do… Read more

As of 6:44 AM CDT today it’s officially Spring. A Happy Equinox and Blessed Ostara to everyone. Last night’s meditation on the Goddess Ostara was difficult to describe. As you may (or may not) know, Ostara is a Germanic goddess, sometimes spelled Eostre – from which we get the Christian term “Easter”. Not much is known about her other than that she’s a Mother Goddess. I went to a lecture on Egypt several years ago that tied Ostara to the… Read more

After only four days of “preparation,” I’m finding it difficult to maintain an intensely spiritual mindset. I seem to be able to handle normal day-to-day distractions, but let something unusual (or unusually irritating) pop up and concentration becomes nearly impossible.It’s times like this that make me think I should abandon Paganism and become a Buddhist. But somehow I think I’d have the same problems.I spent some extra time in meditation last night, but all I got on the topic of… Read more

I think I need to begin by stating that I don’t see light and dark as good and evil. We need a balance of light and dark in our lives – we don’t need a balance of good and evil. I’ve heard it said that good is balance and evil is imbalance… I’m not sure I agree with that, but I do agree that evil needs to be eliminated, not balanced.In this meditation, I see the light as the known,… Read more

That’s the title of a WitchVox essay by Juniper, a “hedgewitch” from British Columbia. Her blog is here. She asks:“Why are there no more Gardners and Crowleys?”“Where are the women like Doreen Valiente and Janet Farrar and Dion Fortune in younger generations?”Read the whole essay for yourself. It’s a rant, but it’s a thoughtful rant.In one respect I think she’s wrong – I think there are some very good Pagan elders and writers out there. Isaac Bonewits is both prolific… Read more

It was warm enough to do last night’s meditation outside, which is always nice. The picture shows my torches at the quarters as viewed through the crepe myrtle trees in the back yard. I’ll let you decide if the “orbs” are dust specks or something more…I hadn’t even gotten through my opening meditation when I was bombarded with thoughts on planting, the first being that planting is a lot of work. When I was growing up my father planted gardens… Read more

During last night’s meditation on rebirth, I was struck with the theme of last Samhain’s ritual – in order for something to be reborn, you have to let it die. There are things in my life I need to let go of. Some of them are pretty straightforward… some of them are rather scary.Nobody said this was going to be easy.Tonight’s meditation is on planting. Read more

This week’s topic on The Witches’ Voice is Teaching and Teachers. I’ve read the first three essays and I recommend them, for different reasons. I’m going to comment on one of them in more detail in a future blog post.Teaching is a big deal in many Pagan groups (especially in Wicca) because until maybe 20 years ago, it was the only way to learn. There were very few books on Pagan and Wiccan practice, and the ones that were available… Read more

Last month I wrote about the need for a time of introspection in Pagan religion, and I suggested that we take the week before each of the sabbats to do that. I’m going to start tonight and spend some extra time in meditation for each of the next six nights. The exact moment of the Spring Equinox is Friday at 6:44 AM CDT, but our ancestors couldn’t have been that precise, and our CUUPS Ostara is Saturday night, so I’m… Read more

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