To My Nontheistic Pagan Friends

Is there a Goddess or God, or goddesses and gods? Whether you consider yourself a nontheist, monotheist, duotheist, or polytheist, there is only one answer we can give with complete honesty and complete certainty.We don’t know. Our experiences may be so powerful we have no doubt there is, or our evidential requirements may be so high we have no doubt there isn’t, but in the end we simply do not know.I have previously encouraged my fellow theistic Pagans to have… Read more

Honor and Commitment

It would be easy to dismiss the David Petraeus – Paula Broadwell affair as yet another case of a powerful man who couldn’t control his lower urges. It is tempting to laugh it off as yet another example of uptight Anglo-American morals being hopelessly outdated. Both of those approaches would be wrong.From Forbes comes this essay discussing “the danger of male mentors” and asking “is there an inherent danger in younger women pursuing mentor relationships with powerful older men? Does… Read more


Star Foster has a post on her new blog titled “Redemption: Even Pagans Need Deliverance.” Star has been very public with the difficulties in her life and here tells a very personal and very emotional story of loss. She asks:Sometimes even the most virtuous among us does grievous wrong, and how then do we atone for it? Do we find ourselves condemned to years of hardship, like Psyche or Herakles?And when we sell our souls, our integrity, our dignity, our… Read more

Gateways to More

Fellow OBOD Druid Dana Driscoll has a post on her blog about how she became a Druid. It’s led to some wonderful stories on another forum, including a condensed version of my own Druid story. Back in the Summer, Jason Mankey wrote about how Led Zeppelin was a “gateway to Paganism” for him. I intended to respond to that and never did. So as I’m trying to move on from politics, this seems like a good time to talk about… Read more

This is Progress – Now Get Back to Work

This is what political progress looks like: a few more wins, a few less losses, and a lot more of the status quo.Same sex marriage won in Maine and Maryland and appears to have won in Washington, while a measure to ban same sex marriage lost in Minnesota. That makes four victories after 32 straight losses in statewide elections. This is likely to be the Battle of Midway for marriage equality – many years of hard fighting remain, but the… Read more


Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States and I strongly encourage everyone who can to vote.Many of us – myself included – are frustrated with the political process, and I am convinced the most important changes for ourselves and our wider world will be created by non-political means. But the democratic process is too important to abandon to the monied interests who dominate it, and voting does make a difference even if it doesn’t have the impact it should.Government… Read more

Making a Deal with Morrigan

This blog is here because Blogger is simple, easy and free. It doesn’t have a lot of traffic analysis, but it does have some, including a list of the top 10 search phrases used to find your blog. Some of the most common phrases used to find Under the Ancient Oaks are “Druid symbols,” “Samhain,” and “Athena Parthenos.” If you cut down the time frame, you can see some rather odd phrases used by one or two people, including this… Read more

Samhain Journey

There’s a lot going on tonight. There’s handing out candy to trick or treaters and walking your own trick or treaters around the neighborhood. There’s remembering our beloved dead and honoring our ancestors. There’s celebrating the end of Summer and letting go of the things that no longer serve our True Will. It’s a time for divination, through Tarot, Ogham, runes or scrying. But after you do all that, I hope you’ll take a few moments to gaze through the… Read more


Most of my dreams fall into the category of routine sorting and filing – my subconscious grabs onto something from the waking day and reprocesses it. On rare occasions my dreams are prophetic. I can’t tell you how I know they’re prophetic, but when I have them there’s no doubt what they mean and what I have to do with them.And then there are dreams like last night where I have no trouble figuring out where they come from but… Read more

Politics, Magic and Your True Will

“If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention.” I can’t find the original source for that quote – it could have come from the left or from the right. With the election less than two weeks away there’s a lot of outrage in the air. And while I am not a conspiracy theorist (the world is too complicated for grand conspiracies to work), there are people out there whose goal is to keep you outraged.If you’re outraged you’re more likely… Read more

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