CUUPS Beltane

Beltane was so much fun I had to do it again! Last night was our CUUPS Beltane Circle – a great time celebrating the beginning of Summer and working to bring more love into our lives. Ashley reads “The Flowers” by Robert Louis Stevenson. The Maypole Dance! The Beltane Procession. The Spiral Dance. [Read more...]

Gathering of the Tribes

A few pictures from our Beltane Circle last Saturday. We weren’t able to use the stone circle (the ground still needs a lot of work), but the campground always makes a beautiful ritual setting. Our main altar. John Beckett from Denton CUUPS and David Sparks from Temple Spiritualis Compassare. The Circle Dance gets going – [Read More...]

Beltane Universalism

Last night’s multi-group Beltane celebration was excellent. We had representatives from six different Pagan groups from Texas and Oklahoma – I didn’t get a final count but it was somewhere in the 35-45 range. When the crowd thinned down to those of us who were camping, we gathered around the fire and a series of [Read More...]

Beltane Next Saturday

Denton CUUPS is celebrating Beltane a week late this year. Some of our folks who are in the Caeleigh Courts will be playing faeries at Scarborough Faire today, while I’ll be part of a multi-group Beltane celebration at the Summerlands stone circle. Click the image for a larger version of the flyer. [Read more...]

God Is Not One?

Via The Wild Hunt, here’s an essay in the Boston Globe from Stephen Prothero, a religion professor at Boston University. It’s adapted from his new book God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World – and Why Their Differences Matter. I haven’t read Prothero’s book (and I don’t know that I [Read More...]

Requiem for Trees

Two of our trees at DUUF are gone. They contracted a disease (if I heard which disease, I don’t remember) and died last year. This past week they were removed. I’ll miss them. When CUUPS held outdoor circles, we frequently placed our main altar between them, or in front of them. I’m thankful we have [Read More...]

Gorsedd 2009 Photos

It has taken a lot longer than anyone expected, but some of the “official” photos from last August’s Druid Gorsedd are now available on Flickr (short explanation: volunteer photographer got a new job that sucked up all her free time – I can totally sympathize). House of Danu is planning another Gorsedd this year – [Read More...]

Happy Earth Day!

As several people have pointed out, modern Paganism is a contemporary indigenous religion: it is growing naturally and (mostly) organically from the innermost desires and needs of people living in today’s comfortable but isolated high tech world. The desires and needs for greater connection to the natural world have presented themselves in many ways – [Read More...]