UU Atheist Elected to City Council

From the First Amendment Center via WitchVox, here’s a story of Cecil Bothwell, an Asheville, NC city council member who’s an atheist. Apparently, some conservative Christians are threatening to sue the city for seating him, since the North Carolina state constitution prohibits anyone from holding public office “who shall deny the being of Almighty God.”Never mind the fact that Article VI of the US Constitution prohibits any religious test for office holders, and that the application of that art … [Read more...]

CUUPS Yule Circle

Thanks to Kati for making this beautiful banner. … [Read more...]

CUUPS Yule Circle

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Ogham Cards

For this year's Winter SolstiCelebration, Amy Martin asked me to be a roving character - someone in costume who interacts with the people who come. She's had Father Christmas, Mother Winter, and the Boogeyman for quite some time - I'm honored to be asked to join them as a Wandering Druid. But I felt like I need to do something other than stand there and look pretty [ahem]. Offering blessings seems like a very Druidish thing to do, particularly if they're offered in the context of the Oghams, the … [Read more...]

The Material World Intrudes, Again

Let's see... four posts over the Thanksgiving holiday, and one copy & paste post since. Notice a trend? My paying job supports everything else I do, but over the past few weeks it's gone from "extremely" busy to "how much longer can I keep this up?" busy.I have some thoughts I'm working on now, if I can find time to write them down.And I did manage to get down to the Cathedral of Hope last night to rehearse the Winter SolstiCelebration opening ceremony. What can I say, other than it's going … [Read more...]

Winter SolstiCelebration

If you're in the DFW area, please come out to the 17th annual Winter SolstiCelebration. It is, to the best of our knowledge, the second largest Solstice celebration in the country. This will be my third year as a participant - I'll be a "wandering Druid". 17th annual2009 Winter SolstiCelebration Joy & WonderFriday December 18, 2009Solstice service from 7 to 9 pm ~ Yule Fest from 6 to 7 pm & 9 to 10Cathedral of Hope5910 Cedar Springs at Inwood, Dallas, Texas 75219northeast corner, access … [Read more...]

Texas Titanic

And now for something completely different…Unlike seemingly everyone else in the Pagan and UU communities, I like sports. I liked playing sports when I was a kid, although I wasn’t very good at anything. I took up running at age 36 and completed two marathons and numerous shorter races before injuries and weight gain forced me to stop.But I still like watching sports, and when the new Cowboys Stadium opened earlier this year, I wanted to see it. But I didn’t want to pay NFL prices. Today, Cathy a … [Read more...]

For It Is Life

The following reflection was written by Amy Martin, the Moonlady. She sent it out on her alternative spirituality list, Moonlady News, which now has over 3000 members. She graciously gave permission to repost it here.As a reminder, Winter SolstiCelebration is only three weeks away. I’ve had a part in the opening ritual the past two years – this year I’m going to serve as a wandering Druid.Enjoy – and thank you Amy!FOR IT IS LIFE~ by Amy MartinWhat did you think when you woke up this morning? When … [Read more...]