What Makes a Strong Ritual?

Rehearsing this year’s Celebration of Spring – making sure the plan is clear and the leaders know what they’re going to do Catharine left a comment on my post on Ecstatic Ritual, asking “what do you think has made your strongest rituals strong?” That’s a good question, and here’s my attempt at an answer. A [Read More...]

The Case For God

I’ll be in the pulpit again next Sunday, this time at my own church.  Here’s the blurb I sent to Moonlady News… Many religious liberals are attracted to the New Atheists’ critique of fundamentalism and biblical literalism. Much of what they say makes good sense, and we love hearing them tell the fundamentalist emperors they [Read More...]

Ecstatic Ritual

One of the items on the House of Danu Gorsedd agenda that caught my attention was the workshop on ecstatic ritual.  I consider myself a good ritualist, but the rituals I compose and present tend to be introspective, worshipful, and/or celebratory.  Ecstatic ritual is one of my weak points… quite possibly because ecstasy requires giving [Read More...]

Opening the Door a Little Wider

Welcome Facebook friends!  Today I have taken the small but significant step of adding this blog to my Facebook profile.  Why is that a big deal, you ask?  Because I have family on Facebook, most of whom are Christians and some of whom have enough problems with me being a Unitarian Universalist, much less a Druid [Read More...]

Gorsedd, version 2.0

I’m back from the House of Danu Lughnasadh Gorsedd – a wonderful weekend. The first thing I noticed was how much smaller it was than last year: perhaps half as many participants. The organizers blamed it on the California economy, and I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. But I also think [Read More...]

Spiritual But Not Religious?

I thought I was done with blogging until after the Gorsedd, but then a Facebook friend pointed me toward this column by Rev. Christy Thomas, pastor of First United Methodist Church of Krum, Texas. It’s part of a series she’s doing rebutting the excuses people give for not going to church (or, to be more [Read More...]

Spiritual Retreat

Tomorrow I’m off to the House of Danu Lughnasadh Gorsedd. The retreat center at Pema Osel Ling is beautiful – just spending a weekend there would be enough. But the main benefit I got when I went last year was three days away from everything: work, home, church, news, entertainment – everything that fills up [Read More...]

True Will

I mentioned a week or so ago that I’ve been listening to Thorn Coyle’s Elemental Castings. In one of them I came across a discussion of true will in its spiritual sense. Coyle, working out of the Feri tradition, described true will as “your big magic” and as “the work of this god.” I like [Read More...]