Is Druidry a Religion?

I’m a little surprised the story of The Druid Network being granted status as a charity in Britain is getting so much coverage. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s their press release. Here’s a link to a CNN piece and one to a Wild Hunt entry on coverage in Sacramento that includes an interview [Read More...]

The Case For God

Thanks to Mark and Jake, we now have video of “The Case For God” from August 15. Beckett20100814.FLV from Denton UUF on Vimeo. [Read more...]

The Inevitability of Scripture

Star Foster at Patheos has a new article titled “The Inevitability of Scripture: The Challenge of Authority and the Promise of Tradition.” She makes a logical case that there will be Pagan scripture someday, but ultimately I think she’s wrong. Her argument goes something like this: Pagans need the authority and consistency that only scripture [Read More...]

Pagan Identity

Star Foster at Patheos has a blog entry titled “In Praise of Normal” where she says we need not be “outrageous” in order to be authentically Pagan. It’s generated some interesting comments on just what constitutes “normal” and what it means for the Pagan community. One of those comments refers to Fire Lyte’s “Project Pagan [Read More...]

Spiritual Practice Techniques: Writing

at the computer in Indiana

This is the third in an occasional series on spiritual practice techniques. I have practiced writing as a spiritual discipline for most of my life, far longer than I’ve been a Pagan or a Unitarian Universalist. I think this is the engineer in me coming through: I had issues to deal with or religious questions [Read More...]

Daily Spiritual Practice

David Pollard of Sacred Journey Fellowship recorded my Daily Spiritual Practice presentation at the North Texas Pagan Pride Day on September 11.  Now it’s part of this month’s CUUPS Podcast.  If you haven’t made it to any of these classes, here’s your chance to catch up from the convenience of your own computer.   You [Read More...]

Kissing the Limitless

Books and their widespread availability have played a huge role in the growth of the modern Pagan movement. Most of us have learned far more from books than from either one-on-one or classroom instruction. But the vast majority of Pagan-themed books are geared toward beginners – there are precious few intermediate and advanced books on [Read More...]

What Really Happens When We Die?

My comments on “what really happens when we die?” are up on the Patheos website.  I’m one of four, the others being identified as Christian, Muslim, and Mormon. See it here: UPDATE:  Actually, there are 13 entries, including one Heathen.  My entry is first, and I missed the little “more” arrows on the sides [Read More...]