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When Your Husband Derides Your Faith

In response to a recent post of mine entitled When You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Christ, a woman wrote me the following heartbreaking letter: John, I don’t believe that I happened across your blog by accident. I’m fairly new to the Christian journey, being a “recovering Catholic.” When my husband and I got married eight [Read More…]

My Interview of the Rev. Horton Heat, King of Psychobilly

I don’t know if I have among my readers any Reverend Horton Heat fans—but in case I do, here is the raw text of an interview did with him back when I was doing music journalism. Ninety percent of this interview never saw light of day. (My voice is the one in italics. This was [Read More…]

Mind Reading In My Blogging Class

As a child I learned from a traveling one-armed gypsy how to read the minds of others. At first I thought listening to other people’s thoughts was fun. Then it was disturbing. Then it was boring, and finally I gave it up. (Freud was right: all anybody does think about is sex and food. Unless [Read More…]

Conservative Christians: Quit Screaming. Liberal Christians: Quit Drinking So Much Wine.

I just put up a sweet Tweet: “Too many conservative Christians’ lives are too limited; too many liberal Christians too readily dismiss fundamentalism.” Ahh, quoting yourself. Is there a surer sign it’s time to swallow a bug bomb? But the point is that I’m exhausted with conservative Christians thinking that liberal Christians wouldn’t know God’s [Read More…]

These Shoes Are Made For Bloggin …

From the September 14, 2009 New Yorker: [Read more…]

Don’t Make Me Smack You With a Ruler in Public This Weekend

This Saturday (September 25) I’ll be at the annual San Diego Christian Writers Guild’s writer’s conference, where I’ll be boring confusing infuriating inspiring writers via the class I’ll be teaching, “Surviving the Blog Clog.” (I’ll be doing that class twice: first at 11 a.m., and then again at 2 p.m. I’ll also be at the [Read More…]

Bestselling Author Jacquelyn Mitchard Now Judging My 10-Word Short Story Contest! Prize Now Includes Her New Book!

When first I beheld the veritable flood of entries pouring in for my First Annual John Shore 10-Word Short Story Contest,I couldn’t help but reflect upon how next year I’m going to allow only five stories per writer. Nathan. [Read more…]

Announcing The First Annual John Shore 10-Word Short Story Contest

[Update: Bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard is now helping to judge this contest.] Recently I spotted this for-sale ad on Craigslist: “Nike Triax c3 heart rate monitor and watch, used one time only.” Which of course brought to mind Hemingway’s famous six-word story, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Thinking I can’t be the only person [Read More…]

Quotable Me

Last week someone told me they were going to put something I wrote in the “Favorite Quotations” part of their Facebook profile. “You’ll be right there between Rumi and Wayne Dyer!” enthused this FB-buddy. Who doesn’t like to be quoted? Not I. Then, two days ago, I thought, “Hey: I know! I’ll try Twittering again [Read More…]

Helping Christians be Bored by Homosexuality Since 2007

A conservative Christian emailed me yesterday to share his idea that I should “back off from writing about the gays so much.” So I did the only thing I could do. I had him killed. Hey, you’ve got your friends. I’ve got mine. That’s all I’m saying. No, but this quarrelsome query (oh, that Daniel [Read More…]