If This Doesn’t Improve Your Day …

To quote the ever-quotabe Tim Hornor (upon whose Facebook page I found this video—and whom I once interviewed in Interview with an Actor in an Upcoming Super Bowl commercial, and featured in From Budweiser to Hardees—And Beyond!), if this doesn’t improve your day we have nothing in common.

A critical issue has arised arosen come up, which is whether or not this Cold War crooner is lip-syncing. Now, as anyone who reads my blog knows, I don’t like to argue. So I’ll leave my own opinions to myself. But what do you think? Live and in (somehow not quite) living color, or totally bogus lip-syncing??!!!

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  • Judy

    I like the lyrics, it's easy to dance to. I give it an 85.

  • Judy

    You know, John….I think he was lip-synch-ing. 🙂

  • 85. I love it. But I HEARTILY DISAGREE (no less) with the lip-synch call. I think it's all him, all the time. If that guy's not the feel-good Russian Lawrence Welk cold-war crooner of the universe, I'll … have all my lapels broadened.

  • brdonaldson

    This guy has nothing on Heino!

  • brdonaldson

    This is wonderful! I wish I could find the lyric sheet…

  • HEINO! I just can't stand it…. it's just all too perfect…

  • This is awesome! I love it, and yes, it made me smile–if you only knew how much I needed a smile today! lol! Jerri

  • Judy

    Let me give you a great tailor's phone number… 😉

  • I wish I could see what he thinks he looks like as he… does that thing he does.

  • I say it's on the up-and-up, that it's lip-sync free. To say otherwise would be nothing less than entirely disrespectful. There. I said it.

  • brdonaldson

    How does a guy memorize a song like this to lip-sync it? If he did…well…he's a genius.

  • Maybe Russian croonalese is a tonal language, and every time he, say, jumps an octave, he's both emoting AND informing.

    But the important thing is that, on my FB page, a couple of people have declared that he's LIP SYNCING! I reject this scabrous insinuation, but what say you, show-biz savvy Tim?

  • BR: YES! Excellent point. The no-lip-syncers have it, then. Whew. I feared another dream shattered….

  • Tim

    I have no doubt that the man we see belongs to the voice we hear. You can find other videos of him on youtube. But, I think he's lip syncing to a track that he recorded earlier in a sound studio. That's how they usually film things like this. Nevertheless, it's a hypnotizing performance.

  • I hate to say it, but that was exactly my guess.

  • Martha

    I meant he was lip-synching to his own recorded material. You can tell that the mouth is a bit off from the words and the sound seems to be coming from somewhere else.

  • Yeah, I did think that's what you meant.

    Still, I'm clutching to the idea that Mr. Lapels was singing live, because, in the end, we all need, almost as much as we need life itself, to believe that what we want to be true is.

    All right, back off, atheists.

  • Sam

    This was, of course, U.S.S.R.'s answer to Disco.

    In turn, this made it easy for the U.S. to subvert their youth with Pop Music from the U.S. and ultimately led to cultural upheaval.

    Imagine how different history would be if this crooner had a disco beat backing him after luring the Sunshine Band away from KC.

  • Judy

    Milli Vanilli

  • Tim

    I’m glad you get the same satisfaction from this that I do. We clearly have stuff in common. A buddy put the video’s title into google translation and it apparently means “I’m very glad because I’m finally back home” by Edward Gil. The fact that the song’s title has five times as many words as the song’s lyrics only increases my appreciation of this little nugget of genius.

  • James

    I’m waiting for him to break out with the Mighty Mouse theme…

  • Tim

    Oh merciful and loving God…make it stop. MAKE IT STOP!! He's got the voice that launched and sank a thousand garbage scows. But he would probably place in the top 10 of, "The Ukraine's Got Talent".

    Lip syncing? Oh hells yes. He must have set the standard for Milli Vanilli, Ashlee Simpson, Madonna, and Kanye West.

  • Linda Chimienti

    And that "(somehow not quite) living color" comes from the golden glow of the cheese factor.

  • Must be their answer to Smiling Bob….


  • "The cheese factor." Man, that is just TOO funny!!!

  • texastee

    You know how you sometimes get a song stuck in your head? Well, I have this one stuck in mine. Thanks a lot, John. What did I ever do to you?