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And the Difference Between Life and Halloween Is?

Ah, Halloween. The name is derived from the Latin word hollow—meaning temporary, fleeting—and ween, as in, “How are we gonna ween our kids off all that sugar?” So we combine “fleeting sensations” with “how will this ever end?,” and what do we have? But of course: life itself. [Read more…]

Protection from a witness program

Shame on this Christian—and on any Christian who does what he did. [Read more…]

An Important Note About Me From a Pastor

Far be it from me to in any way try to influence the extraordinary creativity some of you are showing via your entries in the Photoshop Gesturing John contest. But here’s a note I just got in from the pastor of the church I was speaking at when the very photos of me were taken [Read More…]

Announcing the Official “Photoshop Gesturing John” Contest

Okay, fine. I wanted to innocently share a bit of what it was like during my talk this past Sunday, so I posted these pictures of me doin’ my thing. And then you guys started being … well, you guys. First (from Ben Husmann), I got in this: (Man, that is awesome.) Then I received [Read More…]

This is so, so wrong …

Curse you, Ben Husmann! (And I’m not thrilled with you either, Don Whitt! You started the whole … sandwich routine.) [Read more…]

Toward a Christianity of Common Sense

Sure, we all had some fun yesterday with the pictures I put up of me speaking. (Some of us you had a little too much fun.) Oh, you jokesters, with your funny photo captions! But about the talk itself. Without question, I’m a Christian. I believe in the core stories of the gospel: that Jesus [Read More…]

Surely I Gesture

Here are a few photos snapped of me snapped yesterday morning during my talk at Gloria Dei Lutheran church in Dana Point, CA. Hey. No one said religion was pretty. I see. So some of you thought it would be “funny” to write faux-captions of the pictures above. Fine. You leave me no choice but [Read More…]

It’s Like You’re God — Except Really Different

Jesus turned dead people back into alive people. That gave him, shall we say, a certain amount of authority. When you, too, can raise people from the dead (or, take a stroll across the surface of a lake, or instantly transform tap water into an ambitious yet insouciant little cabernet), then you too will have [Read More…]

What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear

Here’s a small sampling of the responses I got when I asked non-Christians about being on the receiving end of the efforts of Christian evangelicals to convert them. [Read more…]

Speaking of Burning Buildings

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m sitting in this place. I am not drunk. But from the edge of my now slightly shimmering consciousness being drunk is very definitely beckoning to me, using as its soft siren the second half of the Hulk-sized mug o’ delicious Karl Strauss Oktoberfest beer insolently poised on my table not a [Read More…]