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Young woman: This, finally, is your world

[Fwiw, on my former blog–before I moved my blog here to Patheos–this post did some 6k shares.] If you’re a teenage girl, don’t you think it’s great when a middle-aged guy like me whom you don’t even know starts giving you advice about life? Isn’t it just the best when that happens? Do you know [Read More…]

To Any Young Woman Struggling Against Low Self-Esteem

Dear Any Young Woman Struggling Against Low Self-Esteem: There are two kinds of low self-esteem. One is the fairly constant, low-level sort that throughout any given day makes you feel awkward, embarrassed, or acutely dorky about all kinds of things you’ve said, done, thought, and been. The other is the darker, uglier, more pervasive, cutting-yourself [Read More…]

Your New Badge of Honor

Here’s my new web badge, designed by the inimitable Dan Wilkinson. [Read more…]

Okay, Imagine Jesus as the Door Guy at a Club …

(This is basically the print version of the point I made in my little Theology Bears video, Christian vs. Non-Christian: Who Gets Into Heaven?) Christians big on talking about who does and doesn’t get into heaven inevitably point to this quote from Jesus found at John 14:6: [Read more…]

Give ‘Em Hell

If we started down the road of questioning the validity of hell, who knows what kind of world we might end up with? [Read more…]

Why asking “Is hell real?” is like asking, “Do unicorns speak Leprechaun?”

Lots of Christians today are asking the question, “Is hell real?” But that’s like a football coach asking his players if they can dunk the next ball. Wrong question. Wrong game. Missing the point. Here’s something I find acutely unpleasant: conversations that ostensibly are about answering a question to which, in fact, there is no [Read More…]

What Francis Chan (And His Ilk) Get So Terribly Wrong About Hell

If evangelicals are serious about wanting to save people from hell, they need to stop preaching hell. [Read more…]

My Wife; My Blog; My Deep Affection For You Guys (And a Possible Foot Rub For Me!)

So I ended up cutting some stuff from the first third of Why I Turned Them Down, But Guess Others Won’t, one of my two posts from yesterday. (The other post — the better one — is What Jesus Really Meant by the Story of Lazarus). I was ultimately sort of basically too shy [Read More…]

My (Real) End of the World Letter

The last thing I would write online. [Read more…]

What Jesus Really Meant by the Story of Lazarus

The story of Lazarus is no more about hell being a real place than the story of the Three Little Pigs is about farm animals being architects. [Read more…]