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What Jesus Left Out of The Great Commandment

Here’s what Jesus left out of the Great Commandment—and why. [Read more…]

“Freedom”: A Sermon From Pastor Bob on Reformation Sunday

Today is Reformation Sunday. It is not only a day when those who remember wear red. It is not only a Church Festival when we remember that historical rupture of the Christian Church when Martin Luther would nail 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church and begin the Protestant Reformation. It is [Read More…]

A mi Dios le importan los corazones, no las entrepiernas

A mi Dios le importan los corazones, no las entrepiernas. by John Shore  por John Shore John, ¿por qué escribes tanto acerca de los gays en tu blog? Con todas las cosas que suceden en el mundo, ¿por qué pasas tanto tiempo obsesionándote con ésa cuestión? Eso es parte de un email que recibí recientemente. [Read More…]

The Mild Goose Festival?

Two day ago I enjoyed a coffeehouse chat with Gareth Higgins, founder and producer of the Wild Goose Festival. He asked to meet with me by way of extending to me an invitation to speak at Wild Goose 2012. In the two weeks since our meeting, I have not heard from Gareth. I can’t say [Read More…]

“My gay Christian cousin committed suicide”

A few days ago I got in this letter: I recently found your website via a friend’s post on Facebook. I’m sure you hear that a million times a day. March 19th, my cousin died, likely from an overdose of prescription pain medications. I believe it was deliberate, considering he’d tried before—but we’ll never know [Read More…]

Free Kindle Reading App for Your PC, Mac, Smartphone

Today I received three emails asking the same thing: “I want to read your e-book on hell, but don’t have a Kindle. What to do?” I always figure people know this, but I don’t know why, since I barely know it. But you don’t have to have a Kindle to read Kindle e-books. You can [Read More…]

Should Christians Enjoy Halloween? Funny You Should Ask

I personally would like to offer $10,000 to anyone who can come up with a question more stupid than “Should Christians enjoy Halloween?” [Read more…]

“Hungry God”: A Sermon From Pastor Bob

But, I want to suggest to you that not only are we as humans, as God’s creatures hungry for God, but that God is hungry for us. And, I would like to suggest an image for God that you perhaps have never thought of. What if there is a hole in God? [Read more…]

What “Is homosexuality sinful?” is really asking

The post you are looking for is here. Sorry for the inconvenience. [Read more…]

A Primer On Islam: Groups, Sects and Shari’a (Lesson 2 of 6)

Welcome to this second lesson on my introduction to Islam. For the first lesson, I introduced some basic terms and concepts of Islam; this week I want to share the incredible diversity of Islam. In a nutshell, Islam is not one monolithic entity, but a living, breathing faith shaped by multiple contexts and a very [Read More…]