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Dan Savage and the Truth

As you may already know, there is just now much controversy swirling around this video of Dan Savage (Savage Love; the It Gets Better Project). [Read more…]

Prayer/love requests: A beloved battling cancer; a child, just out, sure to face bigotry

The woman who so graciously volunteered to translate my/our book UNFAIR: Why the “Christian” View of Gays Doesn’t Work into Spanish (and who wishes to remain anonymous) has asked for prayers. It seems an elderly relative, terribly dear to her, is battling cancer. She writes: [Read more…]

Christians: Affirm that same-sex relationships are not inherently immoral

Anyone remember the Manhattan Declaration, that “call of Christian conscience” released in late 2009 by a coalition of leading conservative Christians? It asked Christians everywhere to “take a principled stand on the three critical moral issues of our time: the sanctity of human life, the dignity of traditional marriage, and religious liberty” by signing the [Read More…]

“Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships” now in paperback

This book of mine is now available in paperback for $7.99. It’s of course also still available in Kindle and NookBook editions. [Read more…]

A petition calling for Christians to affirm LGBTQ people

I’ve launched a petition on called Christians: Affirm that same-sex relationships are not inherently immoral. It’s pretty simple. It just says, [Read more…]

Old rule: you defend those who could use the help

This morning I received an email from a Christian asking why I write what I do about the issue of LGBTQ people and Christianity. I popped off my pretty standard response: “Because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the Christian thing to do.” Then I went out to my garage to clean it a [Read More…]

Pastor: “You deserve death for supporting gay relationships.”

Got this in: Dear John, I am a supporter of gay rights who is growing weary of the battle. In the last 24-hours, my pastor friend has used scripture in public Facebook posts to let me know that I deserve death for supporting gay relationships, and that I will receive the wrath of God for [Read More…]

New book; new website where I’ll write it

Hey, guys. So the other day I published the opening of the new book I’m writing, which I was planning to write, post by post, right here on my blog. I pretty quickly thereafter understood that a better idea would be to write the book on an entirely separate website. So for that purpose I [Read More…]

Any leftist pinko hippie gay-lovin’ churches in Brooklyn?

Got this in yesterday. Anyone? Hey John, Longtime reader here. Your blog has helped me through some hard times, validated my feelings about almost all churches I’ve attended, and made me laugh … a lot. Same goes for your commenters. But I’m wondering. Where do these people attend church? I live in Brooklyn, and in [Read More…]

Top 10 Things I WON’T Say To Rob Bell During Our Lunch Today

Later today I’ll be having lunch with former mega-church founder and leader, best-selling author and soon-to-be huge television star Rob Bell. While of course security concerns prohibit me from revealing the location of what Rob has called our “epic lunch,” two words should be enough for you to grasp the magnitude of this groundbreaking summit: [Read More…]