Any leftist pinko hippie gay-lovin’ churches in Brooklyn?

Got this in yesterday. Anyone?

Hey John,

Longtime reader here. Your blog has helped me through some hard times, validated my feelings about almost all churches I’ve attended, and made me laugh … a lot. Same goes for your commenters. But I’m wondering. Where do these people attend church? I live in Brooklyn, and in the two years I’ve lived here, I’ve yet to find a suitable one.

It’s frustrating. I enjoy being a part of a community of like-minded people—but I’d like to also find it offline. I’m fixin to start a church fer cryin out loud. If you know of any readers who are in the same boat in the NYC, or who have any suggestions, could you let me know or post it on the book of faces?

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  • don’t know about brooklyn, but if i was anywhere near nyc, i’d visit revolution nyc, jay bakker’s church.

  • Nathaniel Justin via Facebook

    revolution nyc

  • Sure there are plenty in that vicinity. Try Nashville sometime. Yeesh!

  • Gemmie McFiddle via Facebook

    Same question but for perth, Australia. There really is a need for a doctrinal church directory.

  • Jay’s church–Revolution NYC at Pete’s Candy Store Bar at 5 ish on Sunday pm

  • carl

    Jay Bakker’s church Revolution. I would love to visit it sometime.

  • Carl Sansoucy via Facebook

    Jay Bakker’s church Revolution

  • Paul Scheuer via Facebook

    There are several United Church of Christ ( churches in that area. Try one of them.

  • Paul Scheuer

    There are several United Church of Christ ( churches in that area. Try one of them.

  • James

    Look for one labeled “Unitarian Universalist.”

  • Melissa Striegel Chamberlin via Facebook

    Bob Gross in my friends list (he is my cousin) is progressive and a pastor for the UCC church. Bob? Any suggestions?

  • Kirsten A.S. Mebust via Facebook Saint James, a congregation of the ELCA, host church for Lutherans Concerned/North America in the NYC area.

  • Park Slope Methodist, baby! We start service with the chime of a Tibetan meditation bowl and “namaste” and close in a circle singing “Shalom”. With a little kumbaya in between. Service is at 11:00, but if you want, come at 9:45 and try out the choir- Pat is a director and I’ll be sitting in the Soprano section- just say “John Sent me” and I’ll introduce you around! 🙂

  • Paula

    St. Lydia’s, it’s a dinner church.

  • Collin Simula

    Yeah, Jay’s Revolution church. It’s awesome. I’ve been once.

  • Jon Heckerman

    Some Presbyterians do “get it.”

  • In addition to those mentioned consider:, or consider crossing the river to, or my home church

  • Christelle

    I’m jumpin’ on this bandwagon… Any in Central Beach area of San Diego??? John, maybe you know of one?! 🙂

  • Christelle

    I would SO visit Jay’s church in NYC if I could!

  • Michael M

    You can start by looking here:

    that’s a list of self-identified gay-friendly churches in NY State. There are subsections for Brooklyn and NYC. Your mileage on the “leftist, pinko, hippie” part may vary, but there are a lot of options on that list so I think you should be able to find someplace you fit in.

    I’ve never been to Brooklyn, but the handful of times I’ve been in Manhattan on a Sunday I’ve gone to Riverside Church (, mostly because it is big and famous. It is a very friendly and leftist place, though I didn’t get much of a hippie vibe.

  • I would second this recommendation. Fourth Universalist Society, All Souls, and Community Church of NY are all fairly well-known. (All Souls is where the late Rev. Forrest Church ministered for many years.) There are many others, and there’s nothing wrong with visiting several to find one that fits.

  • Karla

    It might be worth taking the subway to Manhattan to look for your church home.

    I love our friends’ church in the East Village: Middle Collegiate Church on 2nd Ave. & 7th St. – vital, exciting, loving diverse congregation in every way, politically liberal, and with active out gay membership. (Our friends, Matt & Ken, are partners) We were there at the joyful Easter service with lots of fellows in glorious Easter hats:

    We also used to be members of Unity Church of NYC on the Upper West Side. Also joyful, diverse and inclusive with large gay membership. It’s pretty amazing:

  • Karla

    P.S. Both Middle Collegiate Church and Unity New York are politically very much to the left and full of artists and musicians of all kinds.

  • Holly

    Thanks a bunch, John. I wrote the letter– So I’d love to check out Revolution… it’s nearby and seems like a fit- but I have my daughter. My squirmy, hyper, lovely, talkative, sweet daughter. Last time I checked, there’s no kid’s room at Pete’s. haha. But anyway, thanks so much everyone for the suggestions, I’ll be going through them and start tomorrow! =)

  • Holly Ann via Facebook

    Thanks for the suggestions– Revolution is close by but they don’t have a kids’ room last time I checked. BUT! I’m so stoked to have some sort of direction here. NYC has so much of everything and anything… it’s great and annoying all at once.

  • Hi, Holly. Someone else left this for you:

    Middle Collegiate Church at 7th st and 2nd Ave. They are on FB.

  • Melody

    You might want to get a life and stop trolling on sites you vehemently disagree with and whose readers vehemently disagree with you.

  • Robert

    Was gonna say Revolution with Jay Bakker, but I see others have beaten me to it.

  • Holly

    I’m the letter writer. That being said, Thomas, in the freakish turn of events that I so choose to seek guidance on finding a church you describe (as though what you describe isn’t what I’m inquiring about?… Lol.) I will TOTALLY get ahold of you. But until then, I think I’m all good. Thanks though!

  • Holly

    I can’t thank ya enough. I have gone through the info and will be putting it to good use. Like a holy magical mystery tour… Or something. Anyway.. Thanks again John and readers!!

  • Hi all! There are some good options here, also I am working with a group of amazing musicians to start a progressive congregation in the Ft. Greene area called Not So Churchy. Our website is and you are all invited! Also, my friend Emily has begun an amazing dinner church St. Lydia’s, that can be found at

  • I have a personal affinity for ritual and churches where women, people of color and LGBT folks are in positions of leadership – in NYC a church I find that fits this bill is St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery. In particular, be sure to check out their disco mass held during Gay Pride Month. Their musical director was a back up singer with Kool & the Gang, so this is NOT your typical church choir. 🙂

  • Diana A.

    That sounds seriously cool. I might need to go to New York just to check out disco mass.

  • Martha

    Not in Brooklyn, but there’s Metropolitan Community Church of New York in Manhattan.

    The pastor, Rev. Pat Bumgartner, is head of MCC’s Social Justice Team. The music seriously rocks too.

  • sarahngu

    I go to Forefront Church — they are a progressive evangelical church that is LGBT-affirming. They are also okay with socialists 🙂