Christian leaders call U.S.’s new ambassador to the Dominican Republic an “insult,” a “faggot,” and threaten him physically

Meet James “Wally” Brewster, who just assumed his new position as America’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Wally is gay. Back in July, when President Obama nominated Wally for the job, conservative Catholic and evangelical Christians wasted no time moaning about that.

Vicar Pablo Cedano, the archbishop of the country’s capital of Santo Domingo, told the AP that Brewster’s nomination showed “a lack of respect, of consideration, that they send us that kind of person as ambassador.” Then this representative of Christ added, “If he arrives, he’ll suffer and will be forced to leave.”

“It’s an insult to good Dominican customs,” said Rev. Cristobal Cardozo, leader of the Dominican Evangelical Fraternity.

At a press conference, Dominican Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez called Wally a faggot.

Such men of the cloth must make Jesus so proud.

Join me, please, in congratulating Ambassador Brewster on his new position, and in wishing him and husband Bob nothing but the best. Here he is:

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  • Alliecat04

    In a sense it is an insult, in the same sense that sending a black ambassador to a country which still held Africans in slavery would be an insult, or sending a female ambassador to a country which doesn’t allow women to drive is an insult. It’s clearly informing them that their bigotry isn’t something America respects.

    So, yeah, anyway, sorry, Dominican Republic, your “good Dominican customs” aren’t worthy of respect. Try to grow up and stop acting like little children on a playground being mean to each other.

  • Matt

    All the congratulations to Mr. Brewster. I’ll say prayers for him and his husband’s safety, but I hope that they’re not necessary. I hope the Dominican people are more welcoming than their clergy, and help him do the work he came to do.

    On another note, “bitching” is the exact right word for it. What, do they think Mr. Brewster is a covert agent for the Gay Agenda? When will they freaking get that we mean them no harm? I can’t wait to see the look on my grandkid’s faces when I tell them that this actually happened. They’ll think Granddad has gone senile before his time.


  • Bill Steffenhagen

    And he’s so handsome in the bargain. Bravo to President Obama.

  • Kay

    I believe hospitality and grace are righteous behaviors that reveal Christ & some aren’t willing to give to everyone, but I hope they will see the value in this person – the value that I believe God sees in all.

  • Anton

    Considering the Dominican Republic’s strategic importance is limited to exporting cheap cigars and baseball prospects, they should consider themselves lucky anyone bothers to keep an embassy there.

  • I’m Australian, and the US Ambassador to Australia is a married gay man.

    I haven’t heard a single negative comment, either in the traditional media, or social media.

  • stevetacitus

    I hope that Pope Francis calls these Dominican clergy on the carpet real soon. I don’t think that he approves of their behavior.

  • larueb

    I find it ironic that the Catholic church clergy are the ones being so hostile about gay men, yet they are the ones that have the history of abusing children, and mostly by ‘gay’ priests. Then they cover up the crimes and move them around so as to allow them to continue to commit crimes against children. Maybe they should have a bit of introspection. I honestly think that the Pope will not be as insensitive towards these men. He seems to love as Christ loved.

  • justjohn

    i’m sorry, do we get to dictate the flavor of other nations’ ambassadors?

  • “If he arrives, he’ll suffer and will be forced to leave.” How Christ-like.

  • Jon Wilson

    They don’t for Christ for me. Does that make any sense? Anyway, radical fail.

  • Jon Wilson

    Sigh. They don’t speak for Christ in my estimation. More caffeine.

  • J Thomas Gough

    Christian In Name Only: all of the judgment, none of the heart.

  • Kim Sylvest

    Why does anyone’s sexual preference have to be spelled out? I do not agree that it is Christ like to be unloving towards anyone living in sexual sin, Jesus wasn’t!

  • Kim Sylvest

    The solution to every ill that affects human kind is God, the one who caused light to shine out of darkness. Criticizing other Christians and the mistakes of others is not Christ like either.

  • ASW

    Right! We should all just be quiet and pray.

  • Kim Sylvest

    Sure! Prayer softens the heart, encourages and comforts the heart of the one praying. Or you can continue being angry.

  • ASW

    Since the Bible is full of (righteous) anger and prayer, I imagine I’ll continue carrying both.

  • Kim Sylvest

    God bless you brother!

  • DrewTwoFish

    Brewster didn’t “spell anything out.” He simply referred to his partner like any straight person would do in this context. Straight people advertise their sexuality in all kinds of ways every day: wedding rings, pictures on their desks, bringing their spouses to the company Xmas party, kissing their spouse goodbye at the airport and so on. Why should the ambassador have to be secretive about the most important person in his life just because it offends your biblical sensibilities?

  • Mario Strada

    I think you are confusing these asswipes with the entire country.

  • Lark62

    Agree. Madeleine Albright, Condoleesa Rice and Hillary Clinton each served as America’s Secretary of State, the top diplomatic position, and each represented the U.S. in countries that continue to treat women as property.

    Some customs and beliefs simply are not worthy of respect, regardless of whether they are based on one religion or another. (Likewise, the ramblings of iron age goat herders really shouldn’t be viewed as beyond question or critique.)

  • Kim Sylvest

    I was referring to the media’s focus. I’m not offended by the new ambassador or anything about him. Can’t gay couples advertise in all the examples you gave for “straight” people?

  • DrewTwoFish

    Sorry to go apesh*t on you. Hope to lose my bitter religious hangover before too long.

    I didn’t get the sense that the media focused on his sexuality in isolation but because of the disgusting comments from “Christian” leaders.

    Yes, I suppose gay couples can be open about their sexuality, in theory, but in doing so they are often accused of “shoving it down” the throats of (some) conservative Christians.

  • Allen

    When you say being gay is a sexual sin you are saying that gay people are sick perverts who should burn and be tortured for being gay or having gay thoughts unless they apologize to an unchanged God who also happens to be Jesus who said that gays should have been put to death in the past but now wants to throw them in hell. You might as well say you hate gays because you clearly do and since God is the moral authority and you believe as a Christian that whatever he does is correct including putting gay people to death in past, i would have to assume that if God came back today and told you to kill gays like he did in the OT to keep society pure u would do it willingly