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Having a gay son got them booted from their church. But look at them now!

Her gay teen son, once so happy, had become depressed, self-cutting, suicidal. And then she got busy. [Read more…]

Are you listening, Bob Jones University?

Here’s hoping that God, through the voices of the people with whom GRACE spoke, speaks to the men who run Bob Jones University, and that they are wizened by His/Her counsel. [Read more…]

Christians: Be thee not discombobulated by transgender persons!

Transgender people are only trying to live into what Jesus said: “The truth shall set you free.” [Read more…]

If you think John Shore is just another namby-pamby “Christian speaker” …

If you’re in or near Louisville this weekend, come join us! It’s a church! There’s bound to be free donuts! [Read more…]

The whole deal on the straight/gay/Christian thing

  Straight people are freaked out by gay (to use a euphemism) relations—the same way gay people are freaked out by straight relations. Everyone fears everyone who is in some key or fundamental way truly different from them. And fear with no way out becomes anger. [Read more…]

Woman having affair with her pastor’s wife: “I ended it.” Chalk up 3 more lives decimated by anti-gay “Christianity.”

How wonderful to be straight, and by that fact alone deserve God’s favor! Meanwhile, year in and year out, gay kids commit suicide at three times the rate of straight kids. [Read more…]

To a Christian lesbian rejecting her love

To reject love is to reject God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the very essence of the Bible. [Read more…]

She’s having an affair with her pastor’s wife

A woman writes to ask advice on the affair she’s having with her pastor’s husband. [Read more…]

A fundamentalist closeted lesbian worried about her porn addiction

A closeted lesbian in a Christian fundamentalist church worries about her porn addiction and the fantasies she’s been having. I address her concerns. [Read more…]

Bob Jones University shuts down year-long investigation of sexual abuse on its campus

Bob Jones University was fully cooperating with an investigation into sexual abuse on its campus. Until suddenly it wasn’t. [Read more…]