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The Supreme Court’s travesty (and Ginsburg’s brilliant dissension)

History will not be kind in its memory of today’s Supreme Court ruling, a travesty of justice grounded in the same brutish sexism and classism that has always informed the most egregious and shameful rulings of the highest court in our land. In my post of January 23, 12 Reasons the Hobby Lobby Case Should [Read More…]

Obama invites my guest blogger to the White House

Southern Baptist Pastor Danny Cortez first decided that being gay is no sin. Then Danny’s 15-year-old son Drew came out to him. Then Danny and Drew bonded even more because of awesomeness. Then Danny told the elders of his church that he no longer believed that being gay is a sin. Instead of summarily firing [Read More…]

Gay porn as published by Christians fundamentalists (NSFW)

I was idly browsing the books section of my local Craigslist site when I came across the books below. I believe they suffice as evidence that somewhere along the way, Christian fundamentalists decided to operate from within the ranks of their enemy by publishing gay porn.     The lessons we must assume these books [Read More…]

The Southern Baptist Convention throws transgender people under the bus

On June 10, 2014, delegates (“messengers”) to the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (the largest Protestant body in American, with around 16 million members) approved a landmark resolution on the issue of transgender people. The resolution, “On Transgender Identity,” makes the 15 individual points about transgender people shown in bolded print below. Each point is followed [Read More…]

My elderly parents have chosen a church that rejects me

What do you do when your parents choose a church that they know condemns you? [Read more…]

Time to speak of speaking in tongues!

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday (which, fyi if ya dunno, marks the end of the 50-day Easter season: for more see Knowing the Christian Calendar). So right now a lot of Christians are revisiting the whole topic of “speaking in tongues.” Why? Because of this passage in The Book of Acts: When the day of [Read More…]

Five e-z steps for calming down fights over abortion

In order to help ratchet back the animosity that so often characterizes our conversations about abortion, I propose that whenever people gather to discuss the issue, before beginning everyone present resolves to agree upon the following five points, which anyone should be able to: 1. We all love and adore babies. 2. We can all [Read More…]

Al Mohler and the Southern Baptists’ big gay lie

Why does the SBC so vociferously cling to the first half of its apparently critical law on marriage, while so utterly ignoring that same law’s second half? [Read more…]