A Prayer for This Week


Dear God,

This week we ask that you help us treat well everybody in our lives. It’s too easy for us to treat people as if their primary purpose in life is to either help us do whatever we’re doing, or basically get out of our way. We have so many encounters in everyday life where we’re so busy thinking about what we’re doing, and about what we need, that we forget that what You might want, and what the other person might need, is for us to show some kindness.

Maybe what the other person needs is an offer to help. Maybe they need to know that someone finds them likable. Maybe they need a reminder that there are people in the world who are good-natured, who are positive, who recognize the intrinsic value of every human being.

Maybe what they need—maybe all they need—is a smile.

This week, God, help us to make sure that they get that smile from us.

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  • Dandhman

    I’m certainly not free of he sin of taking loved ones for granted… Amen

  • Amen. Our sermon today was about what our purpose in life was, which so fits in with this very simple prayer.

  • Matt

    One of my patients is an elderly woman in her 70s who has such severe dementia that she thinks she is 14 years old. People with dementia tend to like to wander, and she is no exception. We put her in her wheelchair and let her roam as she pleases, since there are so many watchful eyes to keep her out of trouble.

    The other day she asked me, “Where are your mom and dad?” I said, “My dad died.” She paused for a moment and said, “That’s sad. I’m going to make you something at arts and crafts today.” This woman–who doesn’t even know where she is–cares enough to want to comfort me, a total stranger. Every day I learn this lesson more fully from my patients. Thanks for the reminder, John.

  • Michelle Par


  • That was beautiful, Matt.

  • Thanks, Allegro.

  • Thanks, Dan. And thanks for all your good comments here lately…

  • Guy Norred

    So was ours in a way. Is the UMC using the lectionary? I don’t remember that from my childhood, but considering it was spent in a parsonage, perhaps that says more about my father than the church.

  • Guy Norred

    I am tearing up. Wow.

  • Yeah. We use the lectionary

  • Guy Norred

    I wondered.

  • ChuckQueen101

    Amen and amen!

  • Amy Wallace

    Being an atheist, I don’t pray per se, but this thought is a continual undercurrent in my life. Every Monday, I post a GIF parade on my blog, usually some snark-fest or immature humor. Today, though, I was thinking much along these lines, as well – with reference to specific folks who could use a little kindness from the universe right now. http://www.thewomeniread.com/?p=343

  • vj