Have you seen this woman?

She is married to this man.

She’s a former Bond girl.

Or was that a former Get Smart girl?

In other words — SHE IS A SPY!!!


She goes by the name Melania Trump. But that’s not her real name. Her real name is Melanija Knavs.

Or so we think.

She was reportedly born in Yukoslavia.


No such place EXISTS!!!

There is no BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!


This woman is a SPY!!

Her husband has plans to take over the WORLD and to $$$$$ell it to God — who is the only One able to pay our ransom.

Do Not Be TRUMPED!!!

It’s only a front for the Pinko Commies out to DESTROY us!!!

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  • I cannot believe anyone takes this guy seriously. At least not enough people to make him think he can win an election.

  • By the way, do you recall around 2005 or so when he was asked by a reporter if he’d object if his daughter posed nude? He said: “If she posed, it would be fine. She does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if she wasn’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      I have not heard this — creepy.

  • I have wondered in the last few weeks how Mrs. Trump would handle the office of First Lady. It’s a big job too, you know. There’s a big difference between being a woman people might like to see onstage at USO show and being a woman who bends over to let a soldier in a wheelchair touch her face as they talk because he has also lost his sight. (just yesterday a friend showed me one such candid photo of Mrs. Obama) Just as the President is the leader of our nation, his wife – like it or not – has to be up to the job of inspiring the women and girls of our nation. Michelle Obama does it. Laura Bush did it. Hillary Clinton did it. Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, and so forth and so on — they all did it, with class and aplomb. Melania? Perhaps she’d rise to the challenge, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. But I can’t help but think it would be easier to draw inspiration from Ivana, or even Ivanka — creepy Donald comments (above) aside.
    Scary times we’re living in…

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      What’s depressing is this is the best the Republican party has to offer us? A couple of reality TV celebrities?