When we speak out of turn


This just makes me sad.

I’m bone tired of the snarky and the snide — aren’t you?

The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom,and his tongue speaks justice. Psalms 37:30.

The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge,but the mouths of fools feed on folly. Prov. 15:14

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  • Karen, I hate to be this direct, because you know I respect you. But you put up a post not too long ago about Palin and it was full of insults and snark. You were a lot less subtle than Palin is here. Do you not see a conflict there?

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Yes, which is why I’ve grown weary of it.

      • Karen Spears Zacharias

        But, for the record, there is nothing subtle here.

        • Yeah, I know she wasn’t subtle. And you were less subtle. 😉

          I have been saying for a while now that civility in our politics has gone way too far, and needs to stop now, as it’s tearing us apart.

          However, the calls for civility will not be effective until those of us calling for it do so regarding our own kind. That is, if conservatives continue talking about Maher and Olberman need to be civil, and liberals keep talking about how mean Limbaugh, Beck, and Coulter are, then nothing will get done. Those pundits consider it a badge of honor when someone from “the other side” talks smack about them.

          But if the liberals will demand civility from liberal commentators, and those on the Right demand the same from right-leaning pundits, then civility might just be more than a pipe dream.

          (Yes, I know I just made things simplistic by implying that American voters are all divided into only 2 camps, and I don’t really think that. But pundits do tend to align themselves this way, or at least the uncivil ones, do, so my oversimplification contains a way to address this problem, so it applies in this case. At any rate, I don’t want to get into any discussions or sub-threads about how most voters are more in the center, etc. It has nothing to do with my point)

          • Karen Spears Zacharias

            No but the point of civility is at the heart of a lot of things right now. Civility isn’t a political problem — it’s a social one. We owe reality TV like Jersey Shore and Housewives a great deal of credit for this — coupled with our affinity for talking heads who do nothing more than polarize folks.

          • Sure. Incivility is present in all walks of life. I mentioned politics because you brought up Palin. I’d add that discussions of theology have been out of hand, too. But it goes both ways. we need to be civil when disagreeing with both Rob Bell and Pat Robertson.

  • Janice

    Sarah Palin has been “snarked” for just over three years. The snarkiness directed at her has lead to out-and-out ridicule. Katie Couric smiled demurely, enjoyed the ride to the utmost, and readily fed on the folly. Couric, along with other “objective” journalists, crucified Palin. Perhaps if they had been lead by seeking journalistic truths,we would not be in the current situation! Americans need to know the truth and journalists need to stop trying to lead us toward “their truth!” I believe too that your observations are snarky in nature. If you want civility, why don’t you attempt to lead the way?

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      trying here.

      • Janice

        That’s great, Karen! That’s all any of us can do. Personally, I’m very tired of all the “gotcha” politics…..we all need to work together and stop trying to hit others in the knees. Respect and civility truly needs to come back into our lives. Sarah Palin could have taken a much higher road, but as noted below, she chose the same path of which she was the victim. Not a good lesson for any of us!

  • Al

    Amen James!! As much as I love you Karen and read your Wonderful Tomes…even there you have used the occasion to throw unnecessary jabs.
    But even though your temperament strays …your heart shines through and I love your Heart M’Lady.

  • Karen Spears Zacharias

    Sister Tater wants me to type this for her — her hand being bound up due to surgery… so the following comment is hers:

    I’ve always liked Sarah Palin and I was hurt when I saw the interview with Katie Couric. I felt like Palin was attacked. But in the interview with Greta, I was very dismayed and disappointed. Because given the opportunity to rise above and be the better person in this situation Palin choose to be the 8th-grade girl getting back at her biggest rival. As a leader and a fellow believer, I’m disappointed that she let that opportunity slip by — it was an opportunity to do good.

    • I agree with this. We don’t know where the incivility started. Was it with how Palin was treated? Was it the way Bush was treated unfairly at times? Or how Clinton was treated unfairly at times? Does it go further back than that?

      Don’t know and don’t care how it started. Since we cannot know the beginning of incivility, the best thing to do is put an end to it. Palin had her chance here, and blew it.

  • cathy hickman

    Everybody has a different view point and ways that they express themselves. My Identical mirror twin, one was left handed and the other right handed. One was a Republican and the other a Democrat, go figure…we would discuss all the subjects and it looked and felt we were on the same page! Huh, we came up with opposite bottom lines. But, we both were public servants our whole lives, me too families, her to the elderly. At heart, I think we do our best. Karen, rock on and tell what is your truth…Bless you.