Petition to Replace the President & Congress

Dear Mr. President & Members of Congress:

At first I ignored the news reports of the rancor. Politics as usual, I figured. But now you all have taken this ugly bi-partisan bickering way too far.

Your job, as you were hired to do it, is to represent the good people of America.

If I performed my job anywhere near the way you all go about performing yours, my boss would boot my butt . But like millions of others, I don’t have a paying job. I lost mine due to the economic fallout of 2008. You do remember that, don’t you?

My point being this economy has been anemic under more than one president. Got that Congress?

Not that that’s any excuse Mr. President. When you said you were going to bring change to this nation, economic collapse was not the change I was hoping for.

I’m fed up with the whole lot of you and your partisan approach to government. We are the people of America. One nation. Under God. Indivisible.

It appears that you all forgot that pledge.

Consider this a warning of sorts. Or a petition, if you must. I’m just saying that you all need do the job you were hired to do. And if you can’t, then I, for one, and I suspect plenty of others, will be more than happy to hand you the pink slip.

If you can’t settle this debt issue,  and you put this country at risk of further economic fallout, then every single one of you deserves to be fired.

Good luck collecting unemployment once that happens.

A Voter,

Karen Spears Zacharias

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  • Heard of the french Revolution?

  • Karen:
    Join us here in the Anti-Incumbent party. Our candidates aren’t much better, but we only have to put up with a single term for each one.
    Jeff Wishard

    • John in PDX

      I am in. How many more Wu’s can we elect?

  • The problem, Karen, is they don’t see it as bickering. They each see it as standing up for what’s right. One of them is wrong, of course. Maybe both.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Back to the religion of Certainosity — fastest growing religion practice in the world — I’d rather be right than anything else.

  • I’ve wished for some kind of indemnification. When a war that was supposed to be essentially self-funding and over in 90 days has topped the trillion dollar mark several times over, I think we’re entitled to some kind of warranty refund, don’t you? Back during the waning days of the last Bush Admin, the House of Reps would not pass the first TARP bill and the stock market plunged over 700 points in four days. Then they passed it after all, but that didn’t reset things back to zero. I wonder how much money Americans collectively lost and how much it set us up for a deeper plunge? How many of these decision makers ever paid a penalty?

    But then, our leaders and representatives are no worse than we. If we didn’t want wars without a draft and paid for with borrowed money at the expense of, it seems, our entire future… Then we would have stopped them, right?

    We’ve been foolish though. The past year has finally cleared things up. In the past, I opposed nearly all military conflicts since WWII on the basis of reason, morality, Christian faith and downright pragmatism (i.e., “No, I don’t think doing A and B would be half as effective as doing C & D. Besides, it’s not the Jesus way as I hear it.”) That kind of thing. Didn’t work. At all.

    But now I know how. In the future, all we have to do is call war a “job killing tax increase on the future” and it will stop things dead in their tracks.

  • Tim

    What if the President and the Congress truly represent who we the people really are?

    What if they are the mirror, reflecting who we are back to us?

    All of us are entrenched in our own self-righteousness. I don’t think sending this “petition” is the way to overcome our gridlock.

    Why don’t we all gather around the White House and the Congress and humbly pray? Why not have banners saying, “Hang in there, you can do it!”? They have a tough job to do. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about the pressures they face from all sides. We need to come together so that they can come together.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      There’s a time for praying and there’s a time for working. You can do one while you do the other. But this rancor needs to end. This is what happens when you get people digging in their heels to “prove a point.”

      • Tim

        Thanks, Karen, for your passion and wisdom! I enjoy reading what you write, ever since I found you through Scot McKnight.

        What I’d like to see:

        Protect WIC and other programs that benefit the most vulnerable among us

        Make adjustments to social security, such as raising the eligibility age. Also, above a certain threshold, the wealthy do not get a SS check.

        We need to target cuts to the “big ticket items”: Medicare, Social Security, defense.

        Meanwhile, the top 1% who own most of the country need to sacrifice too. In other words, they need to be taxed.

        Some areas might need increased investment: education and sustainable energy.

        This is, I think, a wise, centrist solution.

        Yes, there are people digging in their heels to “prove a point.” We need a mass movement of nonviolent pressure. We need a process where ordinary people learn to truly listen to one another. It is not just the politicians whose heels are dug in. They are reflecting who we are on the street. We all need to change.

        Many blessing to you! Tim

        • Karen Spears Zacharias

          A good plan, Tim. Too bad you aren’t in a position to move it through. I think we could all do with a few less talking heads polarizing the public.

  • Dave


    I saw a great bumper sticker that said:

    Re-elect NOBODY !


    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      I like it!