Coffee made Perfect

They sat with their backs to me, side-by-side, next to the window. He wore a blue-and-red plaid shirt crossed over the shoulders with blue suspenders. Tracings of white etched the place where stylish sideburns surely once drew more than her eyes alone. Leaning in, he dwarfed her, the way a Sequoia might a Japanese Maple.  He’s all brawn and strong-boned, even now, in this late season.

She wore a calico print shirt and cable-knit red sweater. Her hair, once thick and black, has thinned and mottled grey. Haphazard curls pong at her shirt- collar.

They didn’t talk much, just a whisper or a look.

A cup of steaming coffee sat between them. He grasped a butter knife in hands gnarled at the joints.  Holding a small jar of honey over the cup, he scraped and scraped until he was sure he had mined every bit of that golden nectar. Then he placed the knife across the saucer, stirred the coffee with a clean spoon, and pushed the cup in front of her, gingerly, careful not to spill.

She took a slow sip, inhaling it. Then another.

And for that brief singular moment, as a gentle rain fell over Nashville, everything about the world seemed right.

Seemed just perfect, in fact.

What about you?

When is the last time everything seemed just perfect in your corner of the world?

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  • That is SO sweet!

  • momosix

    I just got goosebumps, imagining being in that booth with my love.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      It was so sweet to witness

  • I love that 🙂 Sounds so cozy to me today, as its been raining in our town for the past 36 hours and flooding. Had a perfect cup of coffee with my husband safe and warm inside this morning!

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Glad you are safe and warm and loved.

  • Mike Morehouse

    My Lord, my wife and my family make life as perfect as a person has a right to expect.

  • MatthewS

    Love it! Thank you for the warm image.

    My wife and I got a cup at McDonald’s the other day (hey, it’s a buck a cup!). Sitting in a nearby booth, an older guy was talking his wife’s ear off. This was obviously a normal shared experience for them. I am going into the ministry and I often talk my wife’s ear off, too. I discretely pointed and told my wife “that’s us in 40 years”. Wouldn’t you know – before we were gone the guy had introduced himself and told us he was a retired preacher. Sure enough, we’d just had vision of our future! It’s good to share a laugh.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Oh, Matt, love that story!