Debate Duos

I did. I watched the GOP debate. I find these early debates more entertaining than anything. Maybe it’s because I took part in debate teams in college. Maybe it’s because I’m easily entertained. Perhaps because it’s like being at a family holiday with family you barely know.

Is it just me or does Romney and Perry appear like a remake of the Smothers Brothers?

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Several commentators claimed Perry was the front-runner in the debates. Not sure if I agree, but I did think Romney made a valid point about Perry being dealt a good hand. How bad of a governor would you be if you weren’t seeing economic growth during a time of record-breaking profits in your state’s biggest industry — oil?

I’m kind of partial to Ron Paul myself. He has an elementary way of parsing the politics that reminds me of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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And if Michelle Bachmann had a Texas accent, she would be the spittin’ image of Sue Ellen, don’t you think?

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What about you? Any favorites among the crowd? Any resemblances you care to share?

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  • Jane Wilson

    I watched the debates too and agree they make for interesting entertainment. I didn’t know much about Huntsman before and thought he might be a good candidate but the way the prelims go, he’ll probably be gone before we see much of him. Thanks for the Smothers Brothers clip. I always loved them, and watching reminded me they used to have a candidate for President, too: Pat Paulsen. Maybe we need him in the race!