The murder victim in my driveway

I’ve had the most devastating day.

It was just an ordinary Tuesday until I found Kris lying in my driveway.

I’d been out running errands this morning, doing a little local shopping, avoiding the chains and helping out the local business owners.

So I was totally unprepared to find a murder victim in my driveway.


I didn’t notice him at all until I went to pull my car into the drive.

And there he was.

Santa, flat on his face.

Lying in my driveway.

Had I run over him during my early morning rush?

Or had he been murdered by someone else and they moved the body to our house, like they do on CSI?

Or was he just soused? Nipping in the neighbor’s eggnog?

Or in Ethan & Sara’s stash of microbrews?

Oh, gosh. I’m so, so sorry, Santa. I just don’t know what to do. I know Mrs. Claus must be worried sick about you. Somebody call the Elf EMTs at the North Pole and tell them I’ve got Santa!!


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  • He probably had it coming to him.

  • Mary Bartram

    i can’t believe I just watched a 1;43 of a stuffed dead santa in your drive way. No chalk marks…..

  • I was at PD interviewing candidates when the post first came out last night. At first I was concerned. Once I saw the pic I nearly fell out of the chair laughing. Of course my superiors wanted to see. They offered to bring the chalk and the crime scene tape. lol

  • Sharon O

    That is pretty creative~ so sorry for your sad day :0{