Saturday Prayer


Welcome back to the altar. There are several items from last week that will continue to be matters of prayer for all of us:

– Healing & restoration for Tim Thurman, especially where his kids are concerned.

– Mindy & Jackie are undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

– J.N. is in San Diego undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

– Dee and her husband as they continue to walk through the grief of losing a daughter five years ago and a son, two months ago.

– Nephew Zack had an awful accident last week and broke his arm and suffered a concussion. Prayer as he heals.

– My friend Eddie reports that his pastor has been diagnosed with cancer and needs our prayers.

– A note of praise, Linda reports that her precious daughter Heather, who is disabled,  has been feeling better since we’ve been praying. Let’s continue to pray healing for Heather and strength for Linda.

– Another note of praise. For all who have been praying as I finished up edits on the new book. Those edits are complete and the book is off to the publisher. Thank you. Now would you pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who will read this book, so that the five years I’ve spent working on it will not be in vain, but that we will save lives with this story.

– My daughter is a mentor to a young girl. That girl is hospitalized right now, the result of a broken hip. Pray God’s healing and protection over this child.

And you?

How can we be praying for you?

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  • Sherwood8028

    Your commentary today ought to be a reminder to all of us that Christianity is not a force, at it’s heart, not even a religion – as we generally define religions, but a relationship to the One, Jesus Christ, who – daily, ministered to the needs of those who were part of the path on which he was travelling, that day, and the next – until Calvary.

    Therein is our calling, our essential calling, and to the extent we fail to make this our priority, the more our activities will be questioned by those for whom we have been sent as His missionaries.

  • Sharon O

    Isn’t it amazing as we look away from ourselves we see ‘others’ in need and in need of prayer. There are a lot of heavy prayer requests.

    • Sherwood8028

      Prayer is the first step – the more important one is to ask God what I might be doing to help those in need and then make an attempt to see what might be done. Remember, we do not have to lift the burden, there are others who might be more qualified to do that.

  • Gloria

    Thank you Karen for allowing us to pray over these requests and lift them up. Thank you also for your prayers for Zach. He should find out today whether or not he has to have surgery on his arm. If he does things get more complicated involving his life. I will let you know what happens and I continue to covet your prayers.