Future Priests? Around the World, Children Playing “Mass”

Perhaps you saw this:

The YouTube video of Catholic author Brandon Vogt’s three-year-old son Isaiah “celebrating Mass” with his new mass kit was a hit on YouTube in 2012.

Young Isaiah Vogt was demonstrating what he’d learned in church, watching his pastor celebrate the Latin Rite Mass.

*     *     *     *     *

Meanwhile, across the world, children are more familiar with the Sacred Mysteries, the Eastern Rite liturgy.

I recently ran across this video from Russia, where children are playing “priest” and learning about the sacred mysteries.  (Note the frequent use of “incense” in the Eastern version.)  I don’t know whether this is an Orthodox liturgy or perhaps a Byzantine Rite–but it’s great to see children at such a young age thinking about their faith.

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  • Faithr

    Here’s another adorable video from a year or two ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOoaKNiA0FI

  • “I don’t know whether this is an Orthodox liturgy or perhaps a Byzantine Rite …”

    Both use the same liturgy, that which is attributed to St John Chrysostom and St Basil the Great.

  • johnnyc

    I just heard a story recently about a family that used the upcoming baptism of their newborn as a teaching moment for their other children, explaining what was to be done and why. Apparently the three year old was very attentive because he/she got a cup of water, poured it on the head of the baby and said the Trinitarian formula. Valid baptism. So at the actual ceremony they had to have a conditional baptism.

  • Cotton

    http://www.gscmontessori.org/catechesis_of_good_shepherd.php This group, The Catechesis Of The Good Shepherd provides training to youngsters on the entire Mass including the vestments, the scripture reading, etc. The program is available to parishes throughout the country. We use it here at St. Benedicts in Richmond, Virginia – take a look!

  • Eric Bartock

    Where can you buy priest vestments for young boys? My son would love to play Mass.