Fern, clover and birch are three great examples of common plants offering a rich resource for all sorts of witchery. In this article, I discuss using them for three simple personal development spells: confidence boosting, opening up and standing in your own power. Read more

Healing is a complex process, with the original trauma interacting with our personalities and subsequent experiences. However, there are practices, techniques, correspondences, spells and rituals within Modern Hekatean Witchcraft that can greatly aid your healing journey. Read more

Hekate is a complex goddess both in her cultural representations and personal interpretations. I’ve written loads about her, but there’s so much more I want you to know. Here’s my list of the top ten things about Hekate that I think you should know, along with some surprising images of her. Read more

The Dark Moon, occurring on the astrological new moon, is a time that many followers of Hekate set aside to honor her. There are many different ways to perform a Deipnon ceremony, but most include preparation, cleansing, creating sacred space, the working and follow-up. In this article, I offer some recommendations including a list of correspondences and offerings appropriate for honoring Hekate at the Dark Moon or anytime. Read more

For many witches, myself included, the mother wound runs deep, borne from an upbringing characterized by invalidation and trauma. What could break us instead provides us with an opportunity for healing and wisdom. Acceptance workings and a cord cutting spell are excellent techniques for releasing the controlling influence of the mother wound.  With Mother’s Day upon us, my own is very much on my mind. I know I am not alone in experiencing a special type of mother wound as a result of being a witch. I’m offering my experience and the ritual at the end of this article as my Mother’s Day gift to those who are suffering from the mother wound. Read more

Reviewing the existing literature about Hekate reveals that her three-formed nature is reflected in her maternal roles. She can be considered Mother of the Gods, Mother of All Things and a mother to individuals. In addition, her long history portrays her as the Mother of Witches. Contemporary Hekate is often seen as The Dark Mother, which reflects my personal understanding of her. Hekate is a complex goddess that presents herself in different forms throughout the ages and to those seeking her as reflected in her various maternal roles. Read more

While Hekate’s connection with dandelion is entirely contemporary, it can be added to her garden through shared symbolism and applications. Dandelion is a very powerful plant that’s easily accessible (and often free) for including in devotion to Hekate and witchery. Read more

Hekate is associated with many members of the animal kingdom, but perhaps her infamous hounds who patrolled the night with her and guarded the gates of the Under World are her closest four-legged companions. She has also been portrayed as having her own wolfish side more than once. Connecting to the energy of Hekate’s Hounds helps us find courage and to howl in our own unique way. Read more

Here are three simple spells using the Tarot and herbs to clear your personal field for whatever you hope to grow in the coming months. One to improve communication skills, another to help boost psychic abilities and the third to remove resistance. Read more

This simple ritual uses the tree as the focal point for evoking the spirits of the elements and realms to bring fertility to what I hold dearest. You can adapt this working for what you hope to give birth to.  Read more

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