Cursing and hexing have been stigmatized by some practitioners who see them as violations of the “harm none” approach to witchcraft. People do us all sorts of harm. There’s no reason to be a martyr. Why is it that, for some, the idea of evening the score is taboo? Read more

As the Spring Equinox draws nigh, it is this aspect of Hekate that speaks to me. In the storms, the wind and in the fiery energy of creation that tingles in my feet, I see the balance of it on the grand scale and in my own life. While my days of making Ostara magick may be behind me, there is a new season to look forward to. Read more

Death is but another phase of life, though it is one that can cause us so much pain. We can pray to Hekate as Mistress of the Dead for the protection of our loved ones as they journey forward, and for own our relief from suffering. Read more

Imagine the goddess of your understanding for a moment. Holding the universe in her mighty hands as she contemplates us mortals. Our disbelief, though common, never fails to fascinate her. She thinks, “you gotta believe in something…so why not believe in me?” Read more

Picture this, if you will. A group of women are dancing skyclad under the blue moon. The night is warm. Energy is buzzing from the heady mixture of the ocean, wine, the moon and the residual magick from their ritual. They run into the sea. Individually they are about as different as a group of people can possibly be. Collectively, they are the same. Free spirits. Healers. Believers. Witches. Read more

“I honor You as the Key Holder, And pray that You’ll open the doors to your mysteries. I honor You as Queen of the Witches, And ask Your blessing for this rite! My intention is pure And my will is strong!” Read more

I’m a witch and I’m hunting down those who profit from selling weapons that shouldn’t be in civilians’ hands. Will you join me?   I’m an  outlaw, back-country sort of witch. I live in the sticks like we say around here. I am not in anyway anti-hunting. Nor am I against arming yourself to protect your family and property. That’s how we do it ’round here. Devils of Senseless Death What I am against are the devils of senseless death. They… Read more

Hekate has been strongly associated with the moon for millennia.  From her role as an Under World Goddess to her interpretation as a heavenly mediator, her lunar aspects have always been dominant. But it’s as the Goddess of Witchcraft where Hekate’s moon connections truly shine. Read more

As an ancient goddess, Hekate has weathered many different interpretations and practices.  Because of her diverse nature and changing roles throughout history, there are many potential controversies in our contemporary context, from how we use her symbols to how we try to define her.  Even her image as a three-formed goddess has become a hot topic in the modern application of this to the Maiden, Mother and Crone symbolism. Rather than see all these diversities as controversial – and as ways to divide us – we can use them to strengthen our individual practice and collective understanding.  Read more

Hekate’s association with the sea stretches from the earliest known descriptions to contemporary understanding. As Einalia, she is the Goddess of the Seas, ruling over the oceans and providing bounty to those who make their living from it. As The World Soul, she is the stream providing essence to all of nature. There are many ways to incorporate Hekate’s watery aspects in contemporary devotion and witchcraft, ranging from honoring her though activism to making magick with oceanic treasures. Read more

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