The Charming Serpent of the Past: Hekate, Snakes, and Letting Go

Snakes are a potent symbol for Hekate, especially for personal transformation. On a recent walk in the woods, She sent me one as a reminder to let the past go. Read more

Oh, Holy Night! Celebrating Hekate of the Underworld

On November 16, Hekate is celebrated as Queen of the Underworld. In this article, I explore the ways that Her Underworld energy is beneficial to us and how we can express our gratitude for these gifts. Read more

Hekate and The Shadow Self Tarot Spread

A Tarot spread that calls upon the wisdom of Hekate to help tame your shadow self. Read more

Altars and Shrines in Modern Hekatean Witchcraft

If you’re new to Modern Hekatean Witchcraft, you might be curious about what to put in your altar and shrine. Read more

Creating Sacred Space for Hekate

Sacred space is a necessary part of witchcraft and devotion to Hekate. I use sacred space for a variety of purposes from clearing an area so that I can pray without distraction to forming a large space in which I can conduct a spell. In this picture, I’ve created a nontraditional sacred focal point in my living room so that I can focus my intention on Hekate and witchcraft just by meditating on the objects in the display. Sometimes I… Read more

The Holy Darkness is Nigh: November & Hekate

November is the month for exploring the dark mysteries of Hekate and ourselves. Read more

Hekate: Guardian of the Marginalized

Some devotees of Hekate believe that She gives special protection to the marginalized. A recent  discussion asking about why She is considered thus got me thinking. Why, indeed, do I consider Her as particularly favorable towards those who are marginalized? What evidence is there? Before I get into discussing why I think She is a guardian of the marginalized, I am going to talk about what this term means because I think it’s one of those vague concepts that gets… Read more

Oh, What a Night: Prayer of Devotion and Petition to Hekate

  It occurred to me that I haven’t yet dedicated this blog to Hekate in any sort of public way. I felt called by Our Lady to start writing about my personal experiences and my version of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft several months ago. Since I made the commitment to do so, my life has opened up in so many wonderful ways that I am overwhelmed when I consider them. It is my sincere prayer that my blog honors Her. So,… Read more

Finding Hekate: Suggestions for Seekers

Before I can get to the place where I can listen to Hekate, I need to find Her. Read more

Lead Me Not into Temptation: Hekate, Spellcraft and the Virtuous Life

I like to think of Hekate as the Collector of Shadows. By giving them up to Her, we can be reborn into our virtuous authentic selves. Read more

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