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You want to call yourself a witch? Own it. Take on the mantle of the past. Wear the centuries of oppression. Embrace the inherent otherness of it. Then step into your own sovereignty. But, for the love of Hekate, stop telling other people that they are not doing witchcraft right. And please stop calling it a religion. Taking the title of witch brings with it responsibility. It means to fight against those who limit it to a set of rules or through oppression. Because when witches don’t fight, they burn.  Read more

The August night air was thick enough to cut with a dagger. The clouds were low. Not one star shone through. The High Priestess summoned Hekate with all her considerable might. Suddenly, the cauldron fire exploded upward, frightening the many gathered in the circle. Without interrupting her evocation, she signaled for an attendant to control the flames. Hekate’s presence deepened the darkness, filling the space with a primal energy unfamiliar to most of the gathered. When the ritual was completed, the participants quietly went to their tents. Such is the presence of The Dark Mother: fierce, frightening and primal. Read more

Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft is an approach that focuses on better living through practices, techniques and an association with Hekate. This article includes an overview of the key features of my perspective, tips for beginner Hekatean Witches and a resource list. Read more

Witchcraft is so many things. A way of life. An outlook. An aesthetic. A practice. Some people call it their religion, though I don’t. Ask a handful of witches what witchcraft is and you’ll probably get just as many answers. I did ask a bunch of them and some of their thoughts have found their way into this article. Mostly, these are my views. I’ve organized them using seven principles of witchcraft: to will, to know, to feel, to go, to dare, to keep silent and to believe based on the traditional witches’ pyramid. These general themes help describe witchcraft, but the essence of it remains elusive. Because whatever witchcraft is, it is first and foremost deeply personal.  Read more

The waning moon is a great time for all sorts of removal magick. One type of ritual that is suitable for this time of the month is “letting go”  work. An energy grid is one way to let that s%#t go. “Let it go” can be an annoying expression. If I say to a friend that something is upsetting me and they reply with “let that shit go,” I’m likely to feel slighted. And how many thousands of memes include… Read more

Giving thanks for all that we already have is an excellent addition to the cauldron of our witchery. A simple daily practice creates the energy of abundance and prosperity, things that I think every witch wants. Read more

There are times when we are looking for that blissful Hekatean connection and it is nowhere to be found.  Usually when we feel completely alone and overwhelmed. I think this is when we need to turn inwards to reveal our internal goddess as well as the answers we seek. Here are my thoughts on how to get connected to Hekate and our own answers. One of them is to set up a crystal energy grid attuning our energies to Hekate’s energy currents. Read on for my thoughts on why we sometimes can’t connect no matter how elaborate our grids or rituals. Read more

Hekate’s many roles and diverse contemporary community show us that she is, indeed, a goddess of all those who identify as “other.” Does she favor those of us who are queer like me? I’d sure like to think so. Read on to hear my reasons and for a ritual honoring Hekate, your own queerness and protection for those of us in need.  Read more

Drawing down Hekate’s Moon is an evocation suitable for any lunar witchery, whether a ritual honoring her or when seeking her favor over a spell.  Hekate’s association with the moon is probably as ancient as the moon itself, although perhaps the names of both were different. Since the times of the existing historical records to today, Hekate has been identified with the moon in diverse ways. From ancient history, Hekate was portrayed as a night wandering dark goddess to the moon itself.  Throughout the times since, her enduring role as Queen of the Witches has strengthened her as a Moon Goddess. In the twentieth century, Hekate was included in the pagan Triple Goddesses of Maiden, Mother and Crone which were often represented with the three-phase lunar symbol.  Read more

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