Waning Moon Elemental Healing Ritual

Pain in all its forms is probably the biggest problem that we all have. Whether physical, emotional, spiritual or all of the above (as it usually is), we can call upon the energies of the elements to help us heal. The waning moon is the ideal time for releasing pain. This ritual calls upon the elements to remove our suffering and begin healing.

The Shadow Self

I’ve done a lot of shadow taming work over the past decade. In each case, regardless of teaching a large class or doing individual work, the symptom of shadow dominance is pain.  Even suffering that is the result of a non-traumatic injury is largely mediated through the degree of control we have over our shadow self. This is because we perceive all things – injurious or otherwise – through the principal energy from which we operate. If our true self is running our show, adaptive coping ensues. Unfortunately, if the shadow is in charge, then we wallow in our misery, engaging in maladaptive thoughts and spiraling emotions. You can do the Hekate’s Shadow Taming Tarot Spread to help with your work.

Releasing Pain

Prior to beginning shadow taming work, it’s beneficial to release our pain. There are dozens of effective witchy ways to do this. The most productive ones include self-healing energies rather than placing our recovery entirely in the hands of others. The busier we are with creating our healing using all our strategies, including both the magical and mundane, the less our feelings, thoughts and actions can be seduced by the shadow’s lament. Acceptance nourishes our healing while resistance fuels the shadow. For a spell to remove resistance, try this.

Healing Using the Lunar Cycle

The ritual below is best done during the waning moon. It can be considered a first step along a healing journey, with the outcome being an authentic life that’s uniquely right for you. In my work, I teach that the initial healing activation process takes about six weeks. If you are doing this on your own, consider the ritual below the first step. Here are my suggestions for a six week lunar healing cycle. Follow this ritual with a Dark Moon cord cutting working to release your ties to the sources of your pain, whether they be disease or a person.

During the waxing moon, construct a healing grid including amethyst and six other healing stones. Concentrate on drawing in healthy energy (however you define that). Take at least one deep detoxifying bath per week using an infusion of healing botanicals, such as yarrow. Write a healing spell for attracting wholeness to do on the Full Moon. I developed the Three Keys Healing Ritual for deep healing work.

Follow this with more removal magic for any residual pain, such as repeating the ritual below. At the second Dark Moon, do a ritual of activation for continued healing, petitioning Hekate (or your chosen deity/energy) for further support. For the two weeks after that, engage in more intense healing work. You can try my free class on healing. If your pain is associated with the mother wound, this article may help. A confidence boosting spell can be beneficial during this phase. I’ve got a simple one you can try here. You can also use this time to build up new skills, perhaps you’ll find inspiration in “Where There’s A Witch, There’s A Way.”

End the cycle with a full moon commitment ritual to continue with daily healing work. Before I go any further, I need to say that this ritual is not a substitute for health services. If you are in significant pain or distress, I urge you to talk to your health care provider.

Our pain is as unique as the underlying causes. This ritual can be useful for all types of pain. However, specific healing requires specialized practices and care. If you are interested in learning more about my support for healing, get in touch.

Waning Moon Elemental Healing Ritual

The moon is not specifically called upon in the ritual, but the overall removal energy of the waning phase will increase the potency of the ritual.


Five white candles
Picture of yourself that reflects happiness and wholeness
Dirt, steam, water, smoke (i.e., from burning incense)

Prepare candles by removing nonessential energy using the method of your choice. Dressing with an oil sacred to the Queen of the Witches is always suitable, almond and olive are two examples. For this working dress them in a counter clockwise manner. Once dressed, it’s always helpful to rub the candles or sprinkle with the botanicals being used in the spell.

* If you can’t burn candles or incense, battery operated ones will do nicely. Consider using an electric scent diffuser.

Choosing an incense to burn for any ritual is always based on the practitioner(s) and the working at hand. I’ll suggest yarrow burnt on charcoal or oak essential oil or essence (alcohol based).  This is a gentle healing ritual so it’s best to avoid super intense botanicals (e.g., mugwort, sage, lavender), the resins (i.e., frankincense) or strong essential oils. You want healing that is powerful and extended rather than a one-off boost.


Ritual cleansing of the body, mind and space is imperative for healing rituals. Salt is excellent for removal and purification, consider adding activated charcoal (which is not the same as regular) to your bath. Black obsidian can also be added to the bath. I’ve got a black obsidian healing ritual available in The Witches’ Realm.

Your ritual space should be cleansed beforehand, removing unnecessary clutter.

Arrange the elemental symbols according to the cardinal points: earth – north, air – east, fire – south, water – west. Place one candle on the inside of each. Place your photo at the top with a candle in front.

Steam: pour boiling water into a heat-proof bowl or mug then cover.
Smoke: burning incense*
Dirt: bowl of earth (preferably fresh from a healthy wooded area)
Water: living water (from the sea or a freshwater source, bottled spring can be substituted).

* If the smoke isn’t possible for you, substitute with a flame (even from a lighter or a picture).

The Ritual

Create your ritual space however you usually do. You can find tips for circle casting in The Witches’ Realm (link below). If you are looking for a way to summon the elements, you can use the technique from my Elemental Ritual I did at Beltane.

To the elements surrounding me, I release my pain.

Hold bowl with earth at your heart center. Concentrate on feeling the dark coolness. Once connected, release your pain out through your breath into the earth. Do this three times, then say:

To the north, the land of the earth, bury my pain.

Place bowl back in original spot.

Remove the lid from your steam bowl. Raise to heart center. Concentrate on the moist air rising up. Once connected, release your pain out through your breath into the air. Do this three times, then say:

To the east, the land of air, blow away my pain.

Replace the air bowl. Light the incense, hold the fire bowl at heart center (be sure your hair, etc. is out of the way). Concentrate on the rising smoke. Once connected, release your pain out through your breath into the smoke. Do this three times, then say:

To the south, the land of fire, burn my pain.

Replace the fire bowl. Pick up the water bowl, hold at heart center. Concentrate on the liquid. Once connected, release your pain out through your breath into the water. Do this three times, then say:

To the west, the land of water, drown my pain.

Pause here to continue to release into the elements. When ready, begin the healing section of the ritual.

From the elements around me, I accept healing.

Light the candle beside the earth bowl.

From the north, I accept the healing of the earth.

Feel the healing energy of the earth rise up from deep beneath you, entering through the souls of your feet and spreading through your body.

Light the candle beside the air bowl.

From the east, I accept the healing of wind.

Feel the healing energy of the air come down from above until it encircles you.

Light the candle beside the fire bowl.

From the south, I accept the healing of fire.

Feel the flame spread from your heart center through your entire body.

Light the candle beside the water bowl.

From the west, I accept the healing of water.

Feel the soothing healing of water running through your veins.

Light the candle beside your picture.

I am committed to healing my emotions, thoughts and body.

Concentrate on connecting to the picture of your happy, authentic self. Bring to mind how you felt in that moment, letting the energy flood your body, mingling with the elemental healing forces. When ready, release the elements by extinguishing the candles: element of earth, I release you from this space and so on. Leave your candle by the picture for a while after, envisioning your healthiest, most authentic self. When ready, end the ritual:

Out of perfect trust and perfect love, I have released my pain

And I am healing.

As within, so without

As above, so below.

It is so!

Open the circle however you usually do.

Dispose of the soiled elemental symbols. You can continue with the candle lighting healing part of the ritual on a daily basis. Process any images or messages that came through during the ritual.


Learn more about my course on Applied Modern Witchcraft that will help you heal,  The Sacred Seven. My course on Modern Hekatean Witchcraft will be starting in the fall. Join the Keeping Her Keys Facebook community. Become a member of our group all about Applied Modern Witchcraft to find a supportive community and loads of witchy info, including more healing magic: The Witches’ Realm. 

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